Books vs. Movies

Never judge a book by its movie. - J.W. Eagan

It’s cliche that the book is better than the movie. Anyway, you can use the rule in reverse. If you like a movie that’s based on a book, read the book. I did that with Game of Thrones, No Country for Old Men, and some others and it worked great.

Lots of F-bombs in the video

Game of Thrones spoilers from the books

I just started reading my first George R. R Martin book. I now have a sudden, inexplicable urge to post spoilers on Internet forums, so…

Game of Thrones books spoiler alert! The Bran* chapters are really boring. Plot synopsis of every Bran chapter: It’s cold. They walk from Point A in the woods to Point B in the woods. Hodor!

* I think it’s Bran. It could be Bran, Bronn or Brienne. The easy way to tell them apart is that one has a beard, one looks like a girl, and the other one is Brienne.

What did you think of the Game of Thrones season finale?

Last year it seemed like the second to the last episode (the one with the famous beheading) was the finale, and the one after was an epilogue. This season felt the same way.

This season the second to the last episode had the big, satisfying battle on land and sea and the betrayal of the 13 at Q’arth. The Hound abandoned Joffrey. You didn’t know for sure if Tyrion was alive or dead. So you had resolution and and you had cliffhangers. Seems like a good place to end to a good season.

Instead we get one more episode that’s a murky bummer. Tyrion’s alive, but living in a broom closet. Sansa’s off the hook from marrying Teen Incest King, but still in danger. Rob has a quiet marriage under a tree to the woman he loves, but he’s going to have to fight another war because of it. Theon Greyjoy’s out of Winterfell, but the place is a smoldering mess and there are bodies everywhere.

What did you think?

You know those Game of Thrones scenes in the frozen north?

I just assumed they were done with CGI, but according to Alan Sepinwall they’re shot on location in Iceland. HBO isn’t sparing any expense for this show.

More Game of Thrones blogging

by Melody Byrne. Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen Sunday night’s episode.

Last night’s “Game of Thrones”

Did that really happen?

LATER: Fans of the books are telling me that I ain’t seen nothin’ yet.