My Latest Invention – The Facebook Clip Show

You know how, when The Simpsons needs some material post haste, they piece together a clip show from pieces of previous Simpsons episodes? So what do the same thing, but with Facebook posts? And if you aren’t following me on Facebook it’s all new to you.

The Status Updates

I don’t understand the point of roller skating rinks. I could stay at home and hold on to a wall.

Wife is out with a friend for a performance of The Vagina Monologues. I wonder if she’ll buy me a t-shirt?

If I ever open a bookstore I’m going to call it Books on Paper.

The Image Macros

From the “Obama said ‘Jedi mind meld” hilarity a few weeks ago:



I made one myself.


The Video

I usually only listen to lame white boy rappers with three nipples who go on to have sucessful acting careers, but this is pretty good.

The Photos

It seems like I never post my photographs on the blog anymore, so here’s a series from Facebook: