Happy 1st Birthday, Charlie

Happy 1st, little guy. It’s been a big year.

Minutes after you were born

Your great grandmother Geneva


Covered in sister kisses.

Conked Out

Big Man Sitting Up

First Easter

First Easter

First Halloween

First Halloween

Holding a bottle for the first time

Holding a bottle for the first time

First Christmas

First Christmas

Your mom and dad love you, kiddo.

Charlie’s First Halloween



The Cuteness

Natalie reads to baby Charlie

Charlie Logan Jones at 3 Months

Charlie is hale and hearty and getting lots of attention from his big sisters.

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Charlie is Starting to Sleep Through the Night

He’s slept through the night twice now. Sleep is good. We like sleep.

Charlie Logan. Photo by Melissa.

Baby Charlie Logan is Home

We brought Charlie home from Children’s Hospital on Tuesday, so now the whole family is together.

Baby and Melissa both had doctor’s appointments yesterday. Charlie checked out great. Melissa’s getting better. She’s going back tomorrow and Monday for followups. Having a baby and c-section in four forties ain’t easy.

The girls are crazy about Charlie. Natalie especially is a little momma.

Before Charlie was born Katie joked about selling him on eBay. I told her that any girl who loved dogs and cats and lizards and caterpillars as much as her couldn’t help but love a baby brother. Sure enough, it took about two hours with a real live baby brother in the house for the wisecracks to turn to fascination and helpfulness.

After his first week of life in the NICU Charlie got used to a steady drumbeat of activity, noise, lights, and people. He did not like the first night in our quiet, dark bedroom. He’s also a baby that likes lots of frequent attention. We were up and down constantly tending to him.

The next day we went to Babies R Us and got a co-sleeper so he could sleep between us in the bed. We decided to keep a 30 watt lamp on in the corner of the bedroom so he’d feel better and so we could see him to tend to him. He slept great the second night and so did we.

It’s been busy busy busy the last few days and I’m going back to work today. Pics later.

Babies and Smells and Dogs

Shortly after baby Charlie was born he was transferred the the NICU at another hospital because his bloodwork showed signs of an infection. To help him bond with Melissa while she was recovering the hospital, they had her sleep with a small blanker under her robe. Then I took that blanket to the NICU so he could sleep with it and get used to her scent.

Likewise, one of the things they suggested was to bring some of the baby’s blankets and clothes home ahead of the baby to let the dogs get used to his scent.

That seemed like a good idea. Our older dog Shorty has seen two babies come home, so no problem there. Our new dog (a bassador named Trixie) is only about a year old, has a lot of puppy in her, and doesn’t know about babies.

Also, Trixie went wild last night the first time Melissa pumped milk. Apparently she’s young enough to remember what breast milk smells like.

Update on Charlie

Charlie Logan Jones on his birthday.

A few hours after Charlie was delivered, the doctors got his blood tests back and found high white cell counts and high bands. They decided to move him to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital to treat him for an infection. He’s OK. It was just a precaution.

Last night Children’s took a blood sample for culture. Just before lunch today we got good news about the infection. The culture came back negative for any infection. His white cell count and bands are also way down.

If his cultures come back negative for two more days they’ll stop antibiotics and monitor him for another day or two, then release him. He may be home by Sunday or Monday. I fed him today and he looked great.

Things didn’t go exactly according to the original plan, but sometimes babies have their own plans. Everything’s OK and everyone’s healthy, so all’s well.

I’m home to get a few things and pick up Katie and Natalie when they get home from school. I’m taking them to see Charlie at Children’s and then to see Melissa at Parkwest. She may be coming home tomorrow.

Apologies if I haven’t responded to your texts or voicemails. It’s been a busy couple of days.

Charlie Logan Jones on his birthday.

Charlie Logan Jones on his birthday.