Katies Kakes in Maryville

For our Katie’s last birthday we bought the cake from Katie’s Kakes and liked it a lot. It was a half chocolate, half strawberry cake decorated with Curious George. You can see a picture here. We’ll be getting all of our cakes from her from now on. 865-380-5253

I’ll Say it Again: A&L Heat and Air in Maryville is Great

I mentioned before how great A&L Heat and Air was last year. Today they outdid themselves.

Our AC went out last night, so this morning I called Aaron at A&L Heat and Air. He was here in 20 minutes and found the problem – a bad capacitor. The only place around that carried them was closing in 10 minutes. He called them and got them to set it outside where we could pick it up.

Then he asked me if I was any good with electronics. He had a full day ahead, so if I wanted to he’d show me how to put the part in and he wouldn’t charge me for a service call.

I asked how I was going to pay the supply house for the capacitor. He said they owed him a refund on something, so they were giving it to him, and he wouldn’t charge me anything for it. What a guy! I picked up the part and installed it the way he showed me and our AC is running like a top now.

Highly recommended. (865) 856-8797

Consultree Tree Consultants and Hemlock Adelgid Treatment

I first heard about hemlock woolly adelgids from Factchecker at Knoxviews.com. The adelgids can destroy a tree, and we have an especially nice hemolock I’d hate to lose. I called Consultree tree specialists to come out and spray for adelgids just in case.

Curtis Casciano came out and inspected the tree. To my surprise he found adelgid egg sacs. They look tiny white dots on the green needles. When you tear them apart the sac is like thick cotton, and there are eggs inside.

Cost was reasonable. Factchecker said $150-200 was typical. Consultree charges based on the trunk diameter. For our 23″ diameter hemlock the price was just $115. Curtis said they’d call us in two years for the next spraying.

According to their materials consultree is ISA certified (#MA–0690) and has a Tennessee pesticide charter (#3933). 865-789-7642.

Bizzy Bee Tree Service in Blount County

As part of LANDSCAPALOOZA 2007 we had some trees trimmed and some others removed. One of the trees was mixed up in our power line, telephone line, and cable TV line. Another was a 70 foot maple close to the house. (It’s the same tree that dropped one of its big limbs last summer and barely missed the house.)

Bizzy Bee in Alcoa did the work. Very reasonable rates compared to the other two companies who gave estimates. And he’s insured, which was important because of the reasons above. We had a little confusion about what was supposed to be done, but that was due to crossed-up schedules and trying to do everything over the phone. I’d recommend talking in person, putting things in writing, and marking the trees or limbs that are supposed to be cut.

Recommended. (865) 363-7439


Our family doctor* told Melissa she has bronchitis. Since I have the same cough she’s got I guess I’ve got it, too.

Funny. I thought bronchitis would be worse than this. Don’t get me wrong. It was no fun two nights ago, and Melissa’s on her second rough day. Then yesterday I took a sick day and slept, and now today I felt better and went to the office and got some useful work done. I feel like I’m well on the mend. If that’s the best you’ve got, Mr. Bronchitis, then I’m more than a match.

This past year Melissa and I have been sick more often than any other time in our life. I think it’s a combination of the two kids going to preschool and bringing home little kid germs, my mom going to the senior center once a week and bringing home old people germs, and us going to work and bringing home co-worker germs (I’m looking at you, Glenda :-).

People with kids tell us that you build up immunity after awhile.

* Len Bellingrath. I blegged for help finding a new GP and several people recommended him. Melissa and I both like him a lot.

Mark Steel Computer Repair and Networking

Last month I asked for recommendations on computer repair around Knoxville. Several people recommend Mark Steel of Catalyst IT.

We dickered around for awhile. We let one of Melissa’s coworkers try to fix it. We borrowed a USB dingus and got the hard drive backed up. Then we decided to get it fixed for real and called Mark.

He picked it up and within an hour of starting got it fixed. If you need computer repair around Knoxville I can recommend Mark.


A&L Heat and Air in Maryville

When we had AC problems last week we called a number of places and decided on A&L Heat and Air – (865) 856-8797. A (Aaron) responded to the call. Super nice guy. He found the problem and had it fixed in 20 minutes. He charged us the minimum service call fee of sixty dollars, which was half of what some of the other places we called charged. Highly recommended.

Broadway Plumbing in Maryville
Need Bobcat and Dump Truck Work Done in Blount County, TN?
UT Wildlife Rehabilitation
Agape Electric in Maryville

Broadway Plumbing in Maryville

My mother has used Broadway and Sons plumbing for years, and I recently used them. Nice guys, very trustworthy, and very professional. 681-3907.

Need Bobcat and Dump Truck Work Done in Blount County, TN?

Call Ed at Ed’s Trucking. He did good work for me this summer doing drainage and grading work, spreading gravel, and hauling off an old cinder block shed. 279-8983.

UT Wildlife Rehabilitation

Last week one of our cats brought in a baby rabbit. I got the cat out of the house and Melissa caught the rabbit and called UT Vet School (865-974-5594). I’ve called them in the past for advice on what to do about baby birds and rabbits, and they’ve been very helpful.

They asked Melissa a few questions to assess his condition and told her to bring him in. He had a laceration, but he’ll be OK. After he’s better they’ll release him back into the wild.

Agape Electric in Blount County

If you need an electrician in the Blount County area, call Ken Godwin at Agape Electric (607-1234). He showed up for both appointments, did good work, and charged a fair price.

I’ve also been very happy with Roger at Residential Electric, but last time I called him he was only doing new construction.