Help! My ph Meter is Broken

My pH meter is broken. I can’t afford to get it fixed until payday and I need to know the pH of lemon juice.

Which leads to this week’s poll question

What’s the pH of Lemon Juice?
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I’ll average all the answers. That should provide a solid consensus for the pH of lemon juice.

Which night sights for a Glock 19?

First time night sight buyer here. I’m planning on getting a Glock 19. I know I want night sights, but which ones?

The TruGlos seem interesting because they use both fiber optic (for daytime use) and tritium (for nighttime use) elements. Anyone tried them? The Mepros and Trijicons offer contrasting front/rear colors, which seems like a good idea.

Which night sights for a Glock 19?
  • Ameriglo
  • Glock factory night sights
  • Meprolight
  • Trijicon
  • Truglo
  • XS Sights
  • Other

Answer to “which way is the seagull flying?”

Is it flying towards the camera or away from it? Answer after the jump.
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Seagull optical illusion

Is the bird flying towards the camera or away from it? No fair using photo enhancing software, but you can click to embiggen.

Answer Thursday. UPDATE: Here’s the answer in a picture.

Which Way Did She Go? (Optical Illusion)

Eighties Cultural References


Which leads to this week’s poll.


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Pity Us Poor, Poor Bloggers

New York TimesIn Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop:

They work long hours, often to exhaustion. Many are paid by the piece — not garments, but blog posts. This is the digital-era sweatshop. You may know it by a different name: home.

A growing work force of home-office laborers and entrepreneurs, armed with computers and smartphones and wired to the hilt, are toiling under great physical and emotional stress created by the around-the-clock Internet economy that demands a constant stream of news and comment.

Of course, the bloggers can work elsewhere, and they profess a love of the nonstop action and perhaps the chance to create a global media outlet without a major up-front investment. At the same time, some are starting to wonder if something has gone very wrong. In the last few months, two among their ranks have died suddenly.

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You’re Not Supposed to Sleep on Pillow Shams?

So says Busy Mom:

Eventually, she just began bringing her own pillows with her when she visited, apparently in order to avoid the sham thing altogether.

A close friend of Busy Dad’s stays with us from time to time. He just cuts to the chase, and for reasons unclear to me, he discards the regular pillows and sleeps on the decorative pillows.

I want my guests to be comfortable, but, pillow shams do not care for being washed with that kind of frequency, and, I sure as hell ain’t gonna dry clean them.

While none of this is terribly tragic, it causes me low grade consternation, but, the final straw was when I realized my kids had this apparent gene deletion when I found the (fairly nice) shams from Busy Boy’s room rolled up in the windows of his room to keep out drafts, and, I found Busy D. actually inside the pillow sham on his bed, sleeping-bag style.

I asked my mother and my wife, and they said it was fine to sleep on pillow shams. If you were ignorant and dumb and furthermore you were raised by wolves.

I dunno. I like the way the bed looks when its made and the sham-covered pillows are in their place. I just want them to do their duty as pillows. Our pillow shams are made from the same silky material as our comforter and are nice and comfortable. Why shouldn’t I sleep on them?


Iowa Caucus Tomorrow Will Shape 2008 Presidential Election


Which leads to this week’s poll question.

Who has the best hair?

John Edwards
Mitt Romney

County Presents Valor Awards

The Washington Post May 6, 2004 | Jamie Stockwell Pfc. Jeffrey A. Walters arrived with his partner at the burning building in Temple Hills before any of the firetrucks. It was early morning, May 27, and heavy smoke was quickly spreading through the floors and into the apartments. Several residents stood on their balconies and screamed for help, many of them threatening to jump.

Walters, an officer assigned to the Oxon Hill district of the Prince George’s County Police Department, climbed to the second- floor balcony and asked the residents to make a rope using two sheets. When they did, he lowered himself back to the ground and then helped the residents climb down. Afterward, he rushed into the burning building to search for others who were trapped. His partner, Pfc. David T. Byrd, was already inside alerting residents. Together, they escorted more than a dozen people to safety. web site escape the car

Because both officers placed themselves in “extreme danger and saved the lives of the trapped victims,” they each received a valor award. Walters, who was also named the Police Officer of the Year, received a gold medal and Byrd received a silver medal at the 27th Public Safety Valor Awards, held April 27 at Martin’s Crosswinds in Greenbelt. They were among 40 police and correctional officers, firefighters and sheriff’s deputies honored. .

Five civilians were also presented awards, including 911 operator Margaret Tharp, who maintained “composure and communication” with a caller who had shot and wounded an intruder in his house.

“You perform beyond the call of duty,” County Executive Jack B. Johnson (D) said at the luncheon, attended by council members, the heads of each county public safety agency and the recipients and their families. “You put your life on the line every day, and we recognize that today.” Council Chairman Tony Knotts (D-Temple Hills) applauded those who were honored and said, “Whether you’re fighting the bad guys or chasing fires, your mission remains to protect those in Prince George’s County, so that they don’t live in fear for their safety or for the safety of others.” The police department also honored Pfc. Larry D. Dreher, who “without concern for his own safety, ran to a burning vehicle and pulled the injured driver” from a car that had become engulfed in flames after crashing into a barrier on Indian Head Highway in Fort Washington. Dreher gave first aid to the man, who suffered serious head injuries and was unable to escape the car on his own, until paramedics arrived. For his “courageous actions and willingness to place himself in great danger,” Dreher was awarded a silver medal.

For their disregard for their own safety, firefighter Micarleo D. Cole, paramedic Brent J. Lockwood and their battalion chief, Victor N. Ferreira, received medals for saving three people who were trapped in a burning house in February 2003. The men ran into the house and extinguished the blaze as they climbed the stairs to the second floor, fighting the smoke and heat to get to those who were trapped. Once outside, Ferreira performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the people until additional paramedics arrived. Cole and Lockwood received silver medals of valor and Ferreira, who was also named Firefighter of the Year, was awarded a gold medal.

The fire department also awarded silver medals of valor to volunteer firefighters James W. Carpenter, Christopher W. Floyd and Charles M. Groce, firefighters William C. Hall and Rodenard W. Davis, Capts. John L. Beardmore and John M. Elie, Lt. Adon W. Snyder and Asst. Vol. Chief Kevin L. Deck.

Bronze medals of valor were awarded to firefighter Jeffrey A. Fisher, Lt. Joseph A. Cardello, volunteer Lts. John. S. Lyon and Stephen A. Truesdell, volunteer firefighter Timothy W. Llewellyn and paramedic Edward G. Aldaco. see here escape the car

The police department also awarded a gold medal of valor to Cpl. Joseph R. Bunce III. Bunce also received a bronze medal of valor.

Silver medals were awarded to Capt. Russell J. San Felice, Maj. Thomas P. Connolly Jr., Cpls. David W. Renner and Arvel J. Lewis and Pfc. Dwayne M. Clark.

Bronze medals of valor were awarded to Cpls. Brian A. McCloskey and Charles E. Perry and Pfcs. Michael T. Kane and Kevin M. Osburn.

The sheriff’s office honored two deputies. Private Alex Maldonado was awarded a silver medal of valor and Cpl. Stephen E. Reed III was awarded a bronze medal of valor.

Bronze medals of valor were awarded to five corrections officers: Master Cpls. William R. Bell and Scott M. Boswell and Cpls. Michael J. Carter, Anthony J. Washington and Myron A. Ellis Ellis was also named corrections Officer of the Year.

The Office of Emergency Management honored five of its employees, including Tharp, who was also named emergency dispatch aide of the year. Lyndell Keifer received a bronze medal of honor and was named emergency dispatcher of the year. And Glenn Murphy, William McNeel and Wayne Bell were honored with bronze medals for their volunteer work during emergencies. The men have offered assistance at the scenes of fires, handed out dry ice during storms, delivered meals to homebound seniors and transported dialysis patients. They were cited for “tireless efforts [that] have left an indelible imprint upon the residents of the Prince George’s County.” Jamie Stockwell

Digital SLRs: Canon or Nikon?

I’m looking at digital SLRs and I have to choose between Canon and Nikon. To give you an idea of the price range I’m considering, let’s say it’s a choice between the Canon Digital Rebel XTi versus the Nikon D40x.

Canon and Nikon are long-established camera companies and there seems to be plenty of lenses and accessories available for both. I’ve seen gorgeous photos taken with either one, and both seem to have happy owners. I suspect i’d be pretty happy with either one, but if nothing else I’m hoping to find out something about their relatives strengths that will help me decide.

Which should I get and why? Uses would be portrait and nature photography. I have a point and shoot digicam for snapshots. I plan on taking a non-credit photography class at UT, and the course description pointedly says it requires an SLR.

If You Quit Windows Would You Go Mac or Linux?

People seem to be staying away from Microsoft Windows Vista.

I was a hardcore Mac guy for a long time, but moved to Windows and don’t mind it. I’ll probably just keeping using Windows XP for the next few years at the very least.

But what happens if Vista doesn’t get fixed, or the next version of Windows is even worse? Which would you switch to?

Pros: The platform is mature and stuff works. Lots of commercial software, too (especially Microsoft and Adobe). Great GUI plus command line tools.
Cons: The Mac would limit me to certain hardware. Software expensive relative to Windows and Linux. Every five years Apple completely changes their OS or processor, leaving users of older Macs in the dust.

Pros: Almost all of the software is free. Runs on generic x86 hardware. A chance to expand my Unix skills.
Cons: Some software not available. I still read about lots of goofy problems with Linux.


I should mention, too, that not everyone is so down on Vista. A couple of Windows admins have told me they like it just fine.

Defensive Ammo: Regular, Premium, or Supreme?

Interesting thread on The High Road. What kind of ammo do you use in your guns intended for self-defense? The answers range from the cheapest Winchester White Box (WWB) to the most expensive rounds of Federal Hydra-Shok and CorBon.

With any ammunition for defense you want to shoot enough of it that you’re sure it shoots to point of aim and that it functions reliably in your gun. For semi-automatics, many people consider 200 rounds to be a minimum before trusting their ammo. The super premium ammo costs about a dollar per round. How many people can afford to spend $200 to verify that a particular brand of ammo works with their gun? If you have multiple carry guns, multiply their number by $200. Suddenly the people shooting the cheap stuff seem like they’ve got a point.

I use mid-priced Remnington (158 grain SWCLHP* in .38 Special and 125 grain SJHP** in .357 Magnum) that in today’s wildly inflated prices costs about $25 per 50 round box, or about fifty cents per round. WWB costs half that and the super premium stuff costs twice that.***

I’d hesitate to use WWB in a defensive gun. One reason it’s so cheap is that it’s never inspected by human eyes. I’ve seen pictures of some cock-eyed WWB cartridges with banged-up brass that made it to the store.

Which ammo do you use for self-defense?

The cheapest
The best, price no object

View Results

* Semi-wadcutter lead hollowpoint. The 158 grain variety of which in .38 Special is known as the FBI Load because the FBI used it for years. It has an extremely good reputation.
**Semi-jacketed hollowpoint
***The .38 Special Winchester White Box I bought at Wal-Mart the other week cost 28 cents per round. For comparison, a pack of Ramen noodles at Wal-Mart costs 12 cents. For the price of a 50 round box of WWB .38 Special ammo you could eat Ramen for lunch and dinner for a month.


US Fed News Service, Including US State News December 11, 2011 ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 11 — The trademark HPYTRE (Reg. No. 4066181) was issued on Dec. 6 by the USPTO.


O. Box 1137 Hermosa Beach CALIFORNIA 90254.

The trademark application serial number 85240783 was filed on Feb. 11 and was registered on Dec. 6.

Goods and Services: Athletic footwear; Bandanas; Baseball caps; Bathing caps; Bathing suits; Bathing trunks; Beach coverups; Beach shoes; Beachwear; Beanies; Belts; Berets; Bermuda shorts; Bikinis; Body suits; Boxer briefs; Boxer shorts; Caps; Fleece pullovers; Footwear; Galoshes; Gloves; Gym shorts; Gym suits; Halter tops; Hats; Headbands; Hooded sweatshirts; Infantwear; Jackets; Knit shirts; Loungewear; Pajamas; Parkas; Ponchos; Pullovers; Rainwear; Rash guards; Sandals; Scarves; Shirts; Shorts; Sleep shirts; Slippers; Sneakers; Socks; Sports shirts; Sun visors; Surf wear; Sweaters; Sweatsocks; Swim caps; Swim trunks; Swim wear; Swimsuits; T-shirts; Tank tops; Thongs; Tops; Track suits; Undershirts; V-neck sweaters; Walking shorts; Water socks; Wetsuits; Wind resistant jackets; Wind shirts; Wrist bands. FIRST USE: 20060901. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20060901 For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at site swim caps

I’ll Bet Triticale Knows the Answer

If a competitor’s new, improved loom threatens to put my textile factory out of business, would that be a looming threat or a threatening loom?



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Wear Baggy Pants, Go to Jail

Baggy pants bans sweeping nation:

Since June 11, sagging pants have been against the law in Delcambre, La., a town of 2,231 that is 80 miles southwest of Baton Rouge. The style carries a fine of as much as $500 or up to a six-month sentence. �We used to wear long hair, but I don�t think our trends were ever as bad as sagging,� said Mayor Carol Broussard.

An ordinance in Mansfield, a town of 5,496 near Shreveport, subjects offenders to a fine (as much as $150 plus court costs) or jail time (up to 15 days). Police Chief Don English said the law, which takes effect Sept. 15, will set a good civic image.

Behind the indecency laws may be the real issue � the hip-hop style itself, which critics say is worn as a badge of delinquency, with its distinctive walk conveying thuggish swagger and a disrespect for authority. Also at work is the larger issue of freedom of expression and the questions raised when fashion moves from being merely objectionable to illegal.

Other cities considering baggy pants bans include Atlanta, Georgia, Shreveport, Lousiana, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Stratford, Connecticut, and Alexandria, Virginia.

That leads to this week’s poll question.


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Nickelback’s “I Wanna Be a Rockstar”

So this thing is getting tons of airplay. It’s sort of a stupid song (“Hey, kids! Drugs are great!”), but there’s something in the lyrics that seems out of place.

‘Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars
Live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
We’ll all stay skinny cause we just won’t eat
And we’ll hang out in the coolest bars
In the VIP with the movie stars
Every good gold digger’s
Gonna wind up there
Every Playboy bunny
with her bleach blonde hair
And we’ll hide out in the private rooms
With the latest dictionary
in today’s who’s who
We’ll get you anything
with that evil smile
Everybody’s got a
drug dealer on speed dial
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

So how exactly does “the latest dictionary” fit into a life of rock-n-roll excess? That leads to this week’s poll question.


Were you always a huge music buff? Was it your dream to become a rockstar? Does your son or daughter want to take piano lessons?  If you want to find the closest location of music lessons, sign online today. Learning a musical instrument is fun!  If you need to find sheet Music or if you want to find vocal lessons near you, the internet has all of your musical info!

Al Gore’s Live Earth Concerts Coming Soon

To raise awareness of global warming Al Gore has organized Live Earth, a one day series of concert events across seven continents, including Antarctica. (“Are you ready to rock, Ross Ice Shelf?”) This is a great public service to all of the Emperor Penguins who haven’t heard about global warming.

Wait, what was the point of this again? Live Aid founder Bob Geldof is as mystified as I am. “But why is (Gore) actually organizing them? To make us aware of the greenhouse effect? Everybody’s known about that problem for years. We are all (expletive) conscious of global warming.”

Too, I’m a little puzzled by something. According to Gore’s book and documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, global warming is caused by greenhouse gases. One source of greenhouse gases is the burning of fossil fuels, as when bands and their fans travel to a concert in planes, trains, and automobiles. Another name for Live Earth could be The Concert to Make Global Warming Even Worse.

Tim Blair also noticed the contradiction. “Apparently Live Aid raised substantial funds for famine-wracked Ethiopia, and not a single one of the performers was caught hijacking grain from silos in Addis Ababa. Live Aid spawned Farm Aid, a US agricultural benefit headlined by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young. Again, no farms were incinerated, no farmers imprisoned, and no farm animals touched inappropriately – although they were subjected to the songs of John Denver.”

Which leads to this week’s poll question.

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