Gander Mountain Sells Tannerite

I didn’t realize you could buy Tannerite at Gander Mountain. That gives me an idea – buy some Tannerite at Gander Mountain. This is what happens when you mix Tannerite and shoot it:

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If you enjoy the combination of gunblogging and watchblogging …

this is good for a laugh.

Echo1 Airsoft Minigun


  • Overall Length: 890mm
  • Gun Weight: 16.80kg
  • Control Unit Weight: 1.4kg
  • Battery Type: 12v 7Ah
  • Cyclic Rate: +/- 3000 Rpm
  • Ammunition Capacity: 1700 Rounds
  • Hop Up System: Fully Adjustable
  • Power Output Us: 1.2-1.5 Joules
  • $3,500

Via Cracked.

The Chiappa Rhino is ready for its closeup

Rhino Revolver

Sayuncle: Looks like the Chiappa Rhino is starring in Total Recall.

When this thing came out in 2010 the first thing I said was “Coming soon to an action movie near you, the Chiappa Rhino Revolver.” That sort of weapon is bound to set a propmaster’s heart to pitter-patter.

What Gun to Put Chevy Volt Out of its Misery?

Washington ExaminerGM laying off 1300 due to low Volt sales:

General Motors Co. announced the temporary suspension of Chevrolet Volt production and the layoffs of 1300 employees, as the company is cutting Volt manufacturing to meet lower-than-expected demand for the electric cars.

“Even with sales up in February over January, we are still seeking to align our production with demand,” GM spokesman Chris Lee said. The car company had hoped to sell 45,000 Chevy Volts in America this year, according to the Detroit News, but has only sold about 1,626 over the first two months of 2012.

PreviouslyWhat gun for a Chevy Volt’s gun rack?

Another anti-gunner who likes armed bodyguards

Only worse, because he may have been forcing his assistant to break DC’s onerous gun laws by carrying a gun to protect him.

The news from the Daily Caller website is surprising: David Brock, the founder of Media Matters, had a personal assistant illegally publicly carry a concealed handgun in the District of Columbia in order “to protect Brock from threats.” Few organizations have declared their opposition to gun ownership or concealed carry laws as strongly as Media Matters.

What gun for a Chevy Volt’s gun rack?

Business InsiderA Man Just Put A Gun Rack In His Chevy Volt To Prove Newt Gingrich Wrong:

Over the weekend, Newt Gingrich declared that you “can’t put a gun rack in a Chevy Volt,” according to USA Today. Turns out, he was pretty wrong. A video posted over on Motoramic shows that the Volt can definitely accommodate a gun rack for your next eco-friendly hunting adventure.

Hat tip to Random Nuclear Strikes.

Volt jokes aside, what gun would be appropriate for a Chevy Volt’s gun rack? First thought was the Volta electric pistol.

The “electric-phlogopneumatic” pistol was thought up by Volta. It was generally filled with a mixture of hydrogen and air, and then corked up. One of the electrodes was touched with one hand; the other hand touched one of the poles of an electrostatic machine. When the spark went off between them and also inside the pistol, a loud explosion resulted which violently shot out the cork As Volta himself wrote, these experiments “stupefied the ordinary observer… caused considerable satisfaction among amateurs and those in the know, for these are experiments combining electricity and inflammable air…” . They responded to the double requirement, which was popular at the time, of “being showy” and of popularising the latest scientific results.

It’s perfect, except you don’t need a gun rack for a pistol and it has all the firepower of a mouse fart. (Though maybe that is perfect for a Volt.)

Second thought: a Remington EtronX rifle with its electronic ignition system.

The EtronX system is turned on and off by a removable key located in the grip cap. The key can be removed in either the On or Off position. The trigger is basically a switch that sends a signal to the 8-bit computer tucked inside the synthetic stock. So, in other words, this is the first machine with its brains in its butt. Trigger pull is adjustable from a factory setting of 2.3 pounds down to a half-pound. And, unlike mechanical triggers with friction and wear between moving parts, the EtronX with no moving parts gives you pulls that are smooth and consistent, with 36 percent less travel than the standard 700. Lock time for the electronic firing circuit is slashed to 27 microseconds. That’s a 99 percent reduction compared to the standard 700’s.

What else?

First there was the Taurus Judge and now …

the NAA Paralegal.

CNCing an AR-15 Lower from Delrin Plastic

Jason at Shall Not Be Questioned followed up on his CNC-milled aluminum AR-15 lower with a CNC-milled Delrin AR-15 lower.

How meaningful is gun control in a world of Internet CAD files, CNC machines, and 3D printers?

Hacking Popular Gun Safes

DEFCON 19: Safe to Armed in Seconds: A Study of Epic Fails of Popular Gun Safes (dirty word alert):

FF to 17:15 to see how to hack the $150 Biobox gunsafe with a 1¢ paperclip.

Via commenter D2k at SayUncle’s.

Dude, Free Guns

Lots of chances to win guns and accessories here.

5 Most Wanted Guns

Robb Allen posted his 5 most wanted guns, practicality be damned. I’ll play.

1. Glock 18C – The full auto, compensated Glock. I’ve shot a Glock 18C. I liked it. Heck, I’ve already got a couple of Glock 31 round magazines I can use with it.

2. Full Auto Thompson – With the option to use the 50 round drum mags so the fun lasts longer.

3. The .45 ACP Luger AKA the Million Dollar Luger –  Lugers are cool all by themselves. There’s only one surviving sample of the .45 ACP Lugers that were submitted for testing to the US military for the .45 ACP pistol trials that resulted in the selection of John Browning’s 1911 design.

4. Stery AUG – Wait a minute. I want one of these? I didn’t even realize that. But if it doesn’t have to be practical and I’m not paying for it I have to admit I’ve always thought these were cool.

5. A-10 Warthog – I’ve heard it said that the A-10 is a Gatling Gun with an airplane built around it, so I figure it counts.

Other blogger’s 5 Most Wanted:

Which AR-15 Collapsible Stock is the Toughest?

Military Time GearScoutButtstock Bashfest: GearScout finds out just how far tough talk goes

MagPul stocks take the top two honors. Via Linoge.

Bonus! Cheaper Than Dirt’s Best-Selling AR-15s of 2011. I like this Colt SP6920 with MagPul MOE furniture. I never have pulled the trigger (enjoy the pun!) on an AR-15. I’ve always found another place I thought I could get more bang for my buck (more puns), like camera equipment. I’ll get around to it one of these days.

How Did Stainless Steel Appliances Get So Popular?

How Did Stainless Steel Appliances Get So Popular? – Megan McArdle – Health – The Atlantic.

I loves me some stainless steel in guns, knives, and lots of other things. It’s resistant to rust and it’s a continuous material – it’s the same on the surface as it is on the inside, so scratches aren’t a big deal.

I guess I’d like it in a kitchen, but I’m not lusting after it in a big way. Enamel is remarkably good and kitchen appliances don’t get that much wear. Plus, stainless steel is non-magnetic, so you can’t put magnets on your stainless fridge. Howya gonna display little darlin’s refrigerator art?

Mister Handgun Carry Permit Rubber Stamper

Real Men of Genius.