Mozilla PopcornMaker 1.0 Movie Editor

PopcornMaker is a cool Internet-enabled, online movie tool with timeline-based editing.

Pop in media from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or an HTML5 video source. Or start from scratch. Then add text, images, popups, Twitter feeds, Wikipedia articles, or GoogleMaps. Then either link to the Popcorn file or embed it exactly the same way you would a YouTube or Vimeo video.

If that sounds confusing, check out the interactive tutorial and all will be clear.

Wicked Computer Animation


Destruction of the Death Star Recreated as a Venn Diagram’s Movie Plot Venn Diagrams:

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians: Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Julian Assange Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize?

Tilt-shift video

This is cooler than the other side of the pillow. It’s real, life-sized video that’s shot with a tilt-shift lens to skew the focus and edited to drop some of the frames so it looks like stop-motion animation of miniatures. The monster truck tilt-shift video is even better.

Tilt-shift is fairly uncommon (and expensive) in still photography, and super rare in video. Now that more and more DSLRs support video this sort of thing should get much more accessible.

Bonus!Make your own tilt-shift lens on the cheap.


About that "how to be happy in business" Venn diagram

You may have seen this Venn diagram called “how to be happy in business.”

I like it, but with one teensy-weensy criticism. The intersection between “What We Do Well” and “What We Can Be Paid To Do” is called “Learn to Say No,” because it’s something you don’t want to do.

The name of the diagram is “how to be happy in business” as opposed to profitable, but most people are happier if their business is profitable. So when you’re starting out that intersection should be called “grin and bear it.” Once you’re profitable you can call it “raise your rates.” I wouldn’t say “no” unless I had more work than I had time.

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How to use decorating bags: Polyester, plastic or plastic-lined decorating bags (and tips) are available at kitchen specialty stores. Heavy recloseable plastic sandwich or quart-sized bags, which are readily available and disposable, can also be used to decorate cookies.

To use one of these plastic bags, fill it half full of frosting and seal or close the bag. Snip off the very tip of one corner to create a writing tip that will produce a simple line. Start with a small hole; you can always make it larger if necessary.

Inexpensive small plastic decorating tips are available in supermarkets where cake decorations are sold and can be fitted into the corner of a plastic bag. A coupler, which allows you to change decorating tips without emptying the bag, also can be used in a plastic bag. here home decorators coupon

After filling the decorating bag and before beginning to decorate, twist or roll down the top of the bag. Hold it closed and squeeze out a small amount of frosting to be sure no air is trapped in the bag.

Les Jones as you’ve never seen him

That’s nothing. Check out this video of my sinus CTI scan. I snagged the disc after the consultation was over. This is a series of image slices of my skull from back to front. The two big round things after the the first few images are my eyes, then my nose appears towards the end. The black areas are the sinuses where they’re clear.

Thing is, big areas of my sinuses aren’t clear and I’ve also got a deviated septum. I’ll be having sinus surgery next month. My doctor says this is the new kinder, gentler sinus surgery, as opposed to the old, unnecessarily cruel kind where they knock you out with a shovel, scrape your sinuses with a meathook and you bleed so much they keep your nose packed with tampons for a week.

Seagull optical illusion

Is the bird flying towards the camera or away from it? No fair using photo enhancing software, but you can click to embiggen.

Answer Thursday. UPDATE: Here’s the answer in a picture.

Which Way Did She Go? (Optical Illusion)

Which Way Did She Go? (Optical Illusion)


Like me, you may find it hard to believe anyone could see the dancer move in any direction except the one you see. You’ll have to trust me that you need to vote and see the results for yourself.


Starbucks Logo History


Neat stuff. Vist Insty. - Dad?

Madness! Kids and dads heads reversed. Via Ace of Spades.

And is it just me or does this manbaby look like a young Dr. Zaius? - Dad?

Run, Pac-Man, Run!


‘Nother here.

G-G-G-Ghost Tree!


Via Triticale.



Via Cowboy Blob. One week to Halloween.

2007 World Beard & Moustache Championships


Winners here. Scroll down for the wilder stuff. That guy above took second place in the freestyle division because Elmar Weisser takes first place every year. His yarn-like beard is unstoppable! A picture of last year’s winners here. Incredibly awesome Flickr photostream here.

Wink Monkeydale