Word of the Day – The Pink Tax

Pink Tax – a higher price for the woman’s version of the same product or service, compared to the men’s version. Most often seen in personal hygiene products like deodorants and shampoo. The price difference may originate with the manufacturer, the retailer, or in some cases the government:

Since 2000, a New York City trade lawyer named Michael Cone has been fighting the federal government over gender-bias tariffs. While researching import tariffs (fees the U.S. charges on goods imported from other countries) at the request of a client who manufactured shoes, Cone discovered that the tariffs diverged across gender lines: men’s sneakers were taxed at 8.5 percent, while women’s were taxed at 10 percent.

As he continue researching, he found more and more price discrepancies based on gender. (An imported wool suit is taxed 8.5 percent for a woman and zero for a man?!) Some male items, like gloves, were more costly to males (14 percent versus 12.6 percent for females), but by-and-large, women’s items were taxed more.

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