Some may think these are just two chairs hanging on a wall


But oh, no.


Seen at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston. I like art, but this sort of thing is just a parlor game cleverness bluff.

3 Responses to Some may think these are just two chairs hanging on a wall

  1. Lucusloc says:

    And this is why most people have great contempt for modern art. It is effortless shenanigans that takes zero skill, and most people can see that. The only skill that the “artist” has is that of a con artist. They can sell an idea to the right person (typically the curator and other “artists”, and typically *not* the public at large).

    I have great respect for art that takes skill; Painting, sculpture etc. If it is something I cannot make on my own, that takes a decent amount of technical skill to execute properly, then I can appreciate the art even if it does not appeal to me directly. This is why the arts are dying, no one wants to invest in real skill anymore.

  2. LCB says:

    Title: How Shakers used to hang up chairs.

  3. A simpleman says:

    I saw something like this at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the 80’s. There was a low shelf with a pile of plaster and the wall had a two inch wide strip of plaster removed from shelf to ceiling. Next to it was a sign asking the viewer to consider what art is. Is it the object on the wall, the wall itself or what is inside the wall and beyond. Still annoys me to this day. I need a beer now. Probably the same “artist”