Game of Thrones spoilers from the books

I just started reading my first George R. R Martin book. I now have a sudden, inexplicable urge to post spoilers on Internet forums, so…

Game of Thrones books spoiler alert! The Bran* chapters are really boring. Plot synopsis of every Bran chapter: It’s cold. They walk from Point A in the woods to Point B in the woods. Hodor!

* I think it’s Bran. It could be Bran, Bronn or Brienne. The easy way to tell them apart is that one has a beard, one looks like a girl, and the other one is Brienne.

3 Responses to Game of Thrones spoilers from the books

  1. Steve K. says:

    You need to stop watching the show now because, in the next season, it’s going to start spoiling the unfinished books.

  2. Les Jones says:

    SRSLY? I had read that GRRM had told the producers what his plans were. If the TV show starts spoiling the books the book fans will riot in the streets.

  3. Steve K. says:

    How can it not, though? I haven’t read the books myself, but from what I’ve heard, the TV series left out like two books worth of scenes where Bran wanders around doing nothing, and at this point, his plotline in the TV show is basically now at the same point as it is at the end of the last published book. So, any further significant movement of his story on TV is going to be a book spoiler.

    Relatedly, and not to be grim, but I sure hope GRRM has laid out the remaining story in significant detail to the producers because he doesn’t look like he’s the healthiest dude in the world.