Conversation while watching “Curse of Oak Island” on the History Channel

ANNOUNCER: The Mystery Stone contains indecipherable symbols and the letter G carved inside a box. Could this be a sign of the Masons?
ME: So the Masons buried the treasure on Oak Island?
MELISSA: It’s always the Masons doing stuff like that.
ME: Or the Knights Templar.
MELISSA: Or the Secret Society of Weirdos.

Secret Society of Weirdos is the funniest thing Melissa has ever said. It’s like something Calvin would invent.

P.S. Fun show. I read about Oak Island in the third grade and thought it was fascinating. Now I’m getting my 9 year old interested. The season finale is tonight.

The kid in me doesn’t want to admit it, but there’s a good chance there’s nothing to the Money Pit. Occam’s Razor says it’s just a sinkhole that stuff fell into over the centuries. When people excavated the pit, they found that stuff, jumped to the conclusion that someone had buried it there, and let their imaginations run wild with dreams of pirate treasure.

From there, the stories got embellished and exaggerated as they were re-told and passed down. If you want to see an example of the embellishments, watch the episode “The Mystery of Smith’s Cove.” It shows underwater video that supposedly proves the presence of a miner’s pick, a human body, and a treasure chest. When the video is shown they overlay blue computer graphics to enhance what they say is there. The graphics look nothing like the description in any way, shape or form. You could take out a blue felt tip pen and draw a treasure chest on your cat and your cat would look as much like the treasure chest in that video. It isn’t evidence. It’s a├é┬áRorschach test.

The whole “boobytrap” flooding is the goofiest part. Burying treasure that far down with pre-1795 technology is a stretch by itself, but constructing a diagonal shaft to flood it with seawater as a boobytrap if someone enters the pit? That’s stoned TV writer stuff right there. Sometimes flooding in a pit 100 feet below sea level on a small island in the ocean is just flooding, not a clever trap set by the cunning Captain Kidd.

I’d love to be proven wrong, though. It would thrill third grade me if they found treasure down there.

4 Responses to Conversation while watching “Curse of Oak Island” on the History Channel

  1. april says:

    please renew more episodes

  2. Heidi Stott Peck says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the odd olive colored stones they are finding on the island are actually the gold melted down and mixed with concrete to obscure their treasures that they buried on that island….and because that gold is purer than what is out there in the retail world, it’s causing the olive coloring in the stones…I’d test the stones with a detector and see what they find..or crush some portion of one of the stones and have it tested for what minerals are showing up!!

  3. Dennis Sweet says:

    That is possible, it was a common practice to smelt gold, silver, copper and iron together to form relics. I agree that the flooding does not prove booby traps, I haven’t read any information on Earthquake faults or mines in the area. The Lost Colony of the Templars by Steven Sora verifies trips to Nova Scotia by Prince Henry Sinclair. He also identifies 2 Oak Islands in the area.
    I hope they do find the treasure, as I believe it does exist. However it is too easy to be overly optimistic without considering other possibilities.

  4. greg says:

    3-4 grade is about when I first read about it too…and I also remain fascinated about it, although my 11-year old is more interested in Bigfoot than holes on islands. If I ever win the $300+ Million Powerball, I’m dumping some of my money down that pit to take my turn at solving the mystery.