And Tennessee Fans Laughed and Laughed

Lane Kiffin Fired as USC Trojans Head Coach.

You know that feeling when a girlfriend dumps you for another guy, then that guy dumps her? That feeling of vindication and justice where the universe is back on track? Yeah, this is just like that.


7 Responses to And Tennessee Fans Laughed and Laughed

  1. Steve K. says:

    It’s more like that feeling when you hire someone for a job, but it’s completely obvious that he really wants to work somewhere else and will leave if there’s an opening at the other place, and then you set couches on fire when he leaves and takes the other job.

  2. Steve K says:

    …and then he gets fired from the other job.

  3. Les Jones says:

    That’s more like “the son of a bitch married me even though he secretly thought he could do better, then he left me for someone he thought was better, then she divorced his ass”

  4. Steve K says:

    Coaches don’t take vows for life. Except, apparently, in the minds of Tennessee fans.

  5. Steve K says:

    My relationship analogy:

    Your wife loved you more than life itself, and was once a highly successful coach but then clearly got left behind as the game evolved and multiple teams in the SEC improved dramatically, so you dumped her, then you found a girlfriend who if you looked at her for more than 3 seconds you could see had totally been in love with another man her entire life and intended to marry him when his current coach retired, but you figured if you were lucky you might have decent sex for 2-3 years and she looked to be a decent recruiter and at the very least her dad was a football genius, so you ignored her last lover when he told you she was a crayzee bitch and seeing as how Al Davis was one of the crayzeest bitches ever to walk the earth he might know what he was talking about, and then lo and behold she did leave you in the middle of the night to go marry the man she hardly could have more obviously been in love with, and it’s now 3 am, and every single attractive or even halfway decent looking woman is home in bed, so you go find a random woman in a bar who’s wearing a paper bag over her head and thus you have no idea really whether she knows much if anything about coaching football, and turns out she doesn’t and she’s an asshole, too.

  6. Steve K says:

    Anyway, my blame assignment is:

    80% Pete Carroll for leaving USC 3 weeks before signing day, knowing full well that Kiffin would bail and Tennessee would be completely screwed.

    20% Mike Hamilton for not reading Pete Carroll’s mind.

    And since Kiffin is a world-class douche, even if he was perfectly justified in leaving Tennessee when he did, I’ll go ahead and assign another 20% of the blame to him, mostly for completely not giving a shit about not cheating in recruiting and doing it in blindingly obvious fashion, although Hamilton probably should get half of that 20% for letting him get away with it, since recruiting violations were another totally obvious thing that Kiffin was going to do.

  7. Placebo says:

    One problem with the analogy … Kiffen didn’t spend enough time at UT to become its “girlfriend”. Tennessee fans should be extremely happy to have avoided that train wreck. Instead of living it, you get to enjoy a view from the cheap seats.