Compare and Contrast – Pete Townshend’s “Let My Love Open the Door”

Here’s something I like to do. Listen to different artists perform the same song. That side by side listening always reveals new things about the song and the artists. Seth Roberts likes to talk about the Willat Effect, where side by side comparisons help to make you a connoisseur.

(YiouTube links – open in new tabs)

Pete Townshend’s Original Version – For reference. The farty synthesizer is a little dated, but otherwise it holds up pretty well.

Pearl Jam Live Electric and Eddie Vedder Solo Acoustic – I’ve always liked Pearl Jam, even though I haven’t thought of myself as a fan the way I did with Nirvana, but Eddie Vedder is growing tremendously as an artist. This ain’t the same guy who used to stand in front of the mic with his arms wrapped around himself. He’s learned to play guitar and he’s confident as hell. His soundtrack for “Into the Wild” is what finally made me a fan.

Michael Cavanaugh – Piano heavy.

Amateur – Linsey Moon on Ukelele – My secret girlfriend, Linsey Moon. Sigh.

Amateur – Karmarin Natures A Capella – For guys who are more into gals with low self esteem.

Amatuer – Anargha Gunawan on Ukelele – Better than Linsey’s, but he isn’t a darling English girl.

And Pete gets the final word:

Pete Townshend Live Solo Version

One Response to Compare and Contrast – Pete Townshend’s “Let My Love Open the Door”

  1. andyinsdca says:

    One of my favorites to do this with is “Mad World” originally by Tears for Fears. It’s already a slow, creepy song, but Gary Jules does it for the movie Donnie Dark and it’s gets super creepy.