George Takei Hates William Shatner

My wife is starting a new job. She couldn’t find her Social Security card, so one day while we were out and about we stopped by the Social Security Administration office.

In the waiting area there was a big TV showing information about Social Security. One of the videos starred Star Trek actor George “Sulu” Takei and Patty Duke. They’re dressed in Federation uniforms and making terrible Trek jokes about navigating through asteroid fields and how navigating is so much easier.

When Patty Duke is finished telling George Takei about navigating she says “It’s so simple Kirk could do it” and George Takei laughs heartily, because George Takei hates William Shatner.

2 Responses to George Takei Hates William Shatner

  1. Justin Buist says:

    George “Chekov” Takei

    Uh, that’s Sulu. Chekov was the Russian.

  2. Les Jones says:

    Crap. I knew that. Fixed. Thanks.