Nikon D7100, Nikon Lens Rebates

The D7100, the replacement for the D7000 I’ve been using for two and a half years, has been announced. Specs and press release. It has a new 24mp sensor vs. the 16mp in the D7000. The megapixels aren’t as significant as the improvements in the sensor quality, if it’s similar to the one in the D5200. Other major changes:

  • Video supports 30 fps in 1080 mode, and 50 and 60 fps in the new “1.3x crop mode” which I confess I don’t yet understand.
  • There’s now a headphone jack for monitoring audio as it’s being recorded. This is a small feature that’s a godsend when recording video.
  • Processor upgraded from Expeed 2 to Expeed 3.
  • Another stop of ISO.
  • Slightly larger 3.2 inch LCD with 30% more pixels.
  • Works with the $60 WU-1a wireless adapter for sending pictures to cell phones and other devices over WiFi.
  • Compatible with the new WR-1 Transceiver for wireless control of the camera.
  • New Spot Balance feature for setting white balance in Live View.
  • Water and dust sealing upgraded to the professional level of the D300.
  • Price is the same as the D7000.
  • LATER – a couple more:
  • 51 point autofocus system in place of the 39 point AF in the D7000.
  • Like the D800e there’s no anti-aliasing filter, which should improve sharpness.

Seems like a mighty fine upgrade. If you passed on the D7000, the D7100 is going to be mighty tempting. If you’re like me and have a D7000 it’s a tougher decision. I was planning on skipping a generation (to a D7200) or making the move from DX to FX. Nice as the D7100 is I don’t think it changes my opinion.

Lens Rebates

Nikon has rebates on a number of lenses. Thom Hogan has some suggestions on which ones are worth buying.

2 Responses to Nikon D7100, Nikon Lens Rebates

  1. Rob Reed says:

    Does it have an external mic jack for audio when recording video?

  2. Les Jones says:

    It sure does. The D7000 has one, too. Pretty much essential for good audio.

    I’m taking a video class at U. of Tennessee right now. I’m literally the only Nikon user in the class. Newer Canons have some video features that I hope Nikon copied for the D7100, like video histograms and UV meters for sound.