Funniest Thing You’ll Read Today

The Adaptive Curmedgeon tries to keep his chicken waterers from freezing:

Here’s a useful homesteading hint; once a galvanized waterer freezes you’ll tear your spine out trying to bust it open it to chip away the ice and add more water.  I have nicknamed galvanized waterers “the spittoons of Satan” and am forwarding my chiropractic bills to the chickens.

Finally I “upped my game”.  My method of keeping water thawed isn’t the only choice.  There are others.  (For example; moving to Virginia, butchering the damn chickens, or switching careers to something that is easier, like hired assassin.)  However, I can say that my method has worked so far.

I’ve resorted to electric heated buckets.  The newest one has a built in element.  I recently bought it from Amazon.   Here’s a totally true homesteading fact:

“The advent of the Internet means that I have, at my fingertips, the sum total of all human knowledge.  It also means that I can browse from, and purchase, almost anything imaginable.  I used this limitless power to buy…  a bucket.”

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