Aleksey Vayner is Dead

Daily Mail‘Do not, anyone, sell this idiot ANY pills!’ The desperate last messages to former Yale student infamous for ‘Impossible is Nothing’ résumé who is reportedly ‘dead at age 29 from an overdose’

Vayner was someone I had feastured as a bullshit artist:

First, watch Aleksey Vayner’s video resume, above. Among the claims he’s made in the video and elsewhere:

  • Can serve a 140 mph tennisball and lift 915 pounds.
  • Is the second greatest martial artist in the world.
  • Received a letter of recommendation to Yale from the Dalai Lama.
  • Was tennis pro to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Harrison Ford.
  • Served simultaneously in the Greek Mafia and the CIA.

Then read IvyGate Blog’s dissection of his fraud. Dude lied about starting an investment company, lied about starting a charity, plagiarized a book about the Holocaust and sold it on, and much more. Yale’s Daily News is now on the story.

Most of the bullshit artists have done impressive things. For whatever reason they have some internal standard that’s never satisfied with their actual accomplishments, or a compulsion to cheat, so they have to make up accomplishments. That was Vayner. He was too young to have much in the way of accomplishments, but he was smart enough to get into Yale and was a good athlete. For whatever reason, he didn’t think that was enough. Rest in peace.

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