Did I Say I Felt Sympathy for Lindsay Lohan

Well, I kinda do, because of her parents, but I feel even more sympathy to the people who have to deal with her.


Filming was scheduled to start in less than a week, so Schrader arranged for Deen and Lohan to meet him at Prettybird to map out the movie’s sex scenes. Lohan canceled the first day but promised she’d be there the next morning, a Sunday. She never showed. Schrader and Pope texted and left messages on her phone. There was no answer. Schrader thought about what he should do. Right now, he had the upper hand; there really was an actress waiting in Paris. But once they started shooting, he’d lose the power. Lohan could hold the entire production hostage. So he fired her.

“We’re getting close to the point where if she disappeared, we still have a movie,” Schrader told me one weekend midshoot. “Just one more full day, and we’re good.”

That’s when things started to get really weird. Lady Gaga was now staying at the Chateau, and that wasn’t great news for “The Canyons.” Lohan missed her morning call, and then she left the shoot for lunch with friends, running up a $600 tab on sushi, sake and vodka.

Pope and Ellis agreed that the opening scene wasn’t working. Pope called Schrader about reshooting it, and he was angrily dismissed. “We could shoot it again for $15,000 in a day,” Pope said. Then he corrected himself. “Well, with Lindsay, we’d have to budget two days, but it’s doable. But he won’t do it.”

He was right. Schrader wouldn’t hear of it. And for good reason. It took two months and the quasi intervention of Lohan’s father to get Lohan to finish two hours of looping for the outdoor scenes. In the interim, Lohan punched a psychic, was accused of hitting a pedestrian in New York, was under investigation by the I.R.S. and watched her parents melt down on a very special episode of “Dr. Phil.”

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