Todd Alcott Does His Thing with X-Men: First Class

Screenwriter Todd Alcott has finished his script recap of X-Men: First Class and it’s a doozy. He really brings out the contrasts the movie develops between Erik and Xavier.

Alcott also spends a lot of time on the homoerotic subtext between Erik and Xavier. A lot of time. There’s no doubt that subtext exists to some degree. It’s no secret director Bryan Singer (who is openly gay) has used being a mutant as a metaphor for being gay in the X-Men films. In some cases it’s hardly subtle. When Xavier accidentally outs Hank to his boss as a mutant, his boss expresses surprise, and Hank says “You didn’t ask, so I didn’t tell.”

But Alcott uses it to explain to explain the motivation of practically every scene that involves the two. He also tends to get overzealous in his descriptions to the point of bordering on slash fiction:

Holding Xavier, Erik looks like he wants to kiss him, and I’m reminded that the helmet, that barrier, is Erik’s last defense against intimacy, like a chastity belt he wears on his head, to keep himself, his vengeance, his identity, pure.

Even with all that, it’s a good read. He catches a lot of cultural and historical references. I knew parts of the movie were Bondesque, but Alcott calls out the specific Bond references by movie.

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