Did you know Lindsay Lohan’s parents are bug nuts crazy?

Now for some rare for me celebritard blogging. My wife was watching her entertainment show and they had a piece about Lindsay Lohan’s parents. I knew Lindsay’s life was a level one drama center, but her parents are such basketcases I can’t even.

Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil

Dina Lohan was on TV showing pictures from when her ex-husband, Michael, abused her years ago. He denied it on TV and made an excuse for “the one time” in that Daily Mail piece. I totally give the benefit of the doubt to a guy whose rap sheet includes booze, pills, domestic violence, assault, violating a restraining order, violating his parole, and contempt of court. I mean dude’s obviously got his emotions under control like a Shaolin monk.

Now that I know what losers her parents are for the first time I feel sympathy for Lindsay Lohan.

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