Don’t Run in the Mirror Maze

For real.

Took the kids to MagicQuest this weekend. We had already done the quest, so this time we did the Pirate Golf and the Mirror Maze.

The Mirror Maze is really well done. It psyched me out over and over. Things that looked completely real were mirror reflections. The main reason the trick works so well is that the mirrors are spotlessly clean. They make you put on plastic gloves so you don’t smudge the glass. Part of the trick is the disorienting music and low light. I pulled out my flashlight, partly to see, and partly to figure out if there’s a way to tell what’s real and what’s a reflection by how it reflects light, but things happened too fast for me to give it much thought, as you’ll see in the video.

About a minute into the maze little Natalie started running and slammed into a mirror. Ouch. She was OK. Later, when Melissa told her cousin about it she was like “Oh my god. Did I tell you Austin broke his nose in the mirror maze?”?

So kids, when they tell you not to run in the Mirror Maze, believe it.

One Response to Don’t Run in the Mirror Maze

  1. None says:

    Fun spoiling alert – mirror maze pro tip: look at the floor. The mirrors go all the way down to the floor. Those sections without mirrors don’t have supporting trim to hold the mirrors, so walk through the gaps where there are no mirror supports.

    Second pro tip – a really well done mirror maze will change periodically so learning the Speed Racer tricks this weekend won’t work a month later.