Smackdown: iPad vs. MacBook Air vs. Google Chromebook

Here. Pretty interesting. No definite conclusions, since it depends on what you want, but the Chromebook came out better than they expected.

One thing I didn’t know. There’s a $329 version of the Chromebook that comes with two years of 3G wireless. That kicks ass. It also solves the main objection to the Chromebook, which is that almost everything you do with it requires an Internet connection.

I’ve thought about the Chromebook for the kids. It’s cheap, it’s easy to use, and unlike the Windows machines it won’t get infected with malware. I keep two AV apps on the family PC, but kids download everything under the sun and are incredibly naive.

One Response to Smackdown: iPad vs. MacBook Air vs. Google Chromebook

  1. DOuglas2 says:

    Thanks for this. Family members need something to use for email, facebook, and the occasional letter or spreadsheet while travelling. This looks like just the ticket.