Speaking of Reality TV

I caught some reality TV shows over the holiday weekend.

Gold Rush – about a bunch of guys prospecting for gold in Alaska – was pretty good. Fairly low on the drama llama quotient and with a decent amount of natural drama, mostly from busted equipment and the problems that come with construction and big projects.

Moonshiners – about a bunch of North Carolina good old buys making shine – has lots of drama llama. Tickle’s a pain in the ass and his friend isn’t helping things by feeding him beer. I know some people are dumb enough to film themselves breaking the law, but I don’t believe a TV network is going along with it. The stills may be real, but I don’t think they’re producing shine on Federal land with Discovery channel cameras rolling.

My favorite was Alaska, the Final Frontier, about a family of second and third generation subsistence homesteaders in Alaska. They don’t have to import any drama, since the Alaskan landscape and the need to live off the land is dramatic enough. Unlike most reality shows I actually like and admire all of the people on the show.

One Response to Speaking of Reality TV

  1. Ritchie says:

    Recall a PBS segment where stills were built and run, and the end credits had as a background, slo-mo footage of the revenooers blowing it all sky high, by previous arrangement.