Brined Turkey

Sean suggested brining the Thanksgiving turkeys. After blegging for advice on Facebook  we tried that this year using Alton Brown’s recipe. They were delicious. My wife said it was the best her oven-roasted turkeys had ever tasted.

On Facebook Melody Byrne said she and Chris cooked their fried turkeys that way, too, so I brined the turkey for the infrared fryer. It was good, though I couldn’t tell much difference compared to the way it usually tastes with a butter injection – it’s always moist. The gravy made from the drippings was good as always, if a little on the salty side.

Next year I’m going to go use the butter injection for the fried turkey and brine the oven bird. BOB W.

Tom Girsch told me that you can play around with the brine recipe to taste, but that it’s important to keep the ratio of liquid (including melted ice) to salt and sugar constant. Good to know.

7 Responses to Brined Turkey

  1. Chris Byrne says:

    We brine our roasted turkeys too, and stuff the body cavity with chopped stock veggies and butter.

    It makes the drippings into “almost gravy” right in the roasting pan; as well as increasing the volume thereof.

  2. Sean says:

    Glorious news!

  3. Will says:

    We brined ours this year and it turned out great.

    This is a particularly good article on the subject. If you don’t already, you should check out Kenji’s posts on seriouseats. He’s the closest thing to Alton Brown I’ve found online.

  4. Les Jones says:

    Good link. I like Kenji. I read his stuff about sous vide before I tried it.

  5. Chris Byrne says:

    Ayup, Serious Eats is in my RSS feed for every day reading. I particularly like the food lab and taste test stuff. I actually find I like their stuff better than Americas Test Kitchen/Cooks country (though I do have their cookbooks, which I also like).

  6. TheoWalcot says:

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