Kindle Fire $30 off today only

Enter “firedeal” at checkout to get it for $129 instead of $159. Be aware that for that price ($129 today or $159 regular) that you don’t get a charger. That’s $19 extra. And you sometimes will have to watch ads.

If you miss the one day sale you ought to think seriously about skipping the base Fire and getting the Kindle Fire HD. It’s faster and has a higher-res display and more memory. Cost is the same $199 the original Kindle Fire cost a year ago.┬áBy the time you buy the regular Fire and pay to turn off the ads and then order the charger you might as well have bought the HD version. That’s how I’d go.

We still like our Kindle Fire, BTW, and the new HD version looks even better. There’s also a bigger model with an 8.9″ display similar to the iPad. The 7″ is nice for portability and reading and is fine for apps, but is a little cramped for general Web surfing.

2 Responses to Kindle Fire $30 off today only

  1. Lissa says:

    The new HD is $214 for the 16 gig without ads ($264 for 32 gig) and you still have to buy the power adapter separately. They are really nickle and diming us to death with this thing that they once said they could afford to give away free and make plenty of profit from the book sales. I love my Fire but I am getting a bit annoyed with Amazon.

  2. Les Jones says:

    D’oh! You’re right. I can’t believe they’re cheaping out on the power adapter for higher-end models.