Some Photography Links

60 Watt Bulb in a Floor Lamp

David Handy reviews new books by Dan Winter. I’ve asked for the America book for Christmas. I’ve been a Winters fan since the first time I visited his site.

Mike Johnson at The Online Photographer was interested in the Nikon D800e for its potential in digital black and white photography, so he rented one for a week before cracking open his checkbook. Mike is a thoughtful photographer and writer and it was fascinating to follow him through the process. He wasn’t reviewing a camera so much as he was reflecting on his photographic career, pondering his ideal digital camera, and deciding if the D800 was a match. The posts are collected here.

Photoshop Masks 101.

Bjørn Roselett is writing Nikon lens reviews at

The Kirk Tuck Section

Kirk Tuck on video microphones.

Tuck: My final, exhaustive, fawning, cynical, exuberant review of the Sony Nex-7. He’s opened my mind a bit more on mirrorless cameras.

Pretty funny comparing that to his experience using a $50,000 camera/lens combo that he didn’t enjoy.

Speaking of Kirk, he’s really good at shots like this GTO (scroll to the bottom of the post) that show just part of the subject. I always want to get the whole thing, but sometimes just a side or a facet of the subject can look damned good when someone does it right.

Compact Flourescent in a Table Lamp

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