Infra-red (Oil-less) Turkey Fryer

Who's a pretty bird?

Here’s my post from 2010, which turned out to be surprisingly popular. An infrared turkey is hands down tastier and moister than an oven-roasted bird and the drippings make incredible gravy.

I still think a deep-fried turkey tastes the best. Where infrared beats deep-frying is safety, which matters to me because I have small children, and cost. The infrared turkey fryer costs more the first time you use it, but you don’t have to spend 30 or 40 bucks on peanut oil every year, so by the second use you’ve come out ahead.

5 Responses to Infra-red (Oil-less) Turkey Fryer

  1. Sean says:

    one word: “brine”

    It’s backed by science. If I didn’t live 2 timezones west, I’d show you.

  2. Les Jones says:

    Talk to me. I do one turkey in the IR fryer and my wife does one in the oven.

    She asked me tonight if I could do both in the IR fryer because she’s been so disappointed in the oven-roasted turkey compared to the IR. So if brining and roasting in an oven gives good results we can use it for one of the turkeys.

    I read a little about it just now on Alton Brown’s Good Eats. Sounds interesting.

  3. Sean says:

    Alton Brown is my source. It’s never failed me.

    I brine for 1-2 days (thaw in brine is ok, just wait longer).
    Dry bird, coat with light oil and brown @ 500F for 30min
    lower to roasting temp. (350F ?)
    Set a probe thermometer alarm for 165F, and sit on the couch until you hear the beep.

  4. Les Jones says:

    You’ve convinced me. The missus and I are going to try it on both the turkeys this year.

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