There’s a vampire series called “Twilight.” Have you heard of it?

I had heard about Twilight. It was a TV show that came from a book that was made into a movie. I knew about it because The Simpsons made fun of it and because everyone talked about sparkly vampires.

At some point I decided that I ought to watch it. Not because I thought I would like it, but because it was enough of a thing in pop culture that I should know something about it firsthand. So one of the movies came on TV and I tried watching it.

What a bunch of nothing. Nothing happened in that stupid movie. The camera lingers on long, loving scenes of dark woodlands. Twilight’s fan base must be forestry majors. I only lasted about 30 minutes before I gave up.

2 Responses to There’s a vampire series called “Twilight.” Have you heard of it?

  1. Sean says:

    I reluctantly watched the first movie. Aside from some cultural references to my native WA state (vitamin “R”, etc.) I got nothing from this.

    I understand that Forks, WA actually development some tourism over this. By no exaggeration, that’s a logging town. There’s one diner on the main drag, and 75% of the patrons bearded, wearing over-alls with chain saws resting against the porch.

    Aside from passing through on a camping or fishing trip, it’s absolutely comical to consider such a place a destination for pop culture tourists.

  2. Cargosquid says:

    They lost me at “sparkly vampires.”

    Vampires are souless creatures that act under cover of darkness and suck the very life blood from all that is good and true.

    Like Democrats.