Nikon 70-200mm/F4 Released, D5200, Nikon V2

The Nikon 70-200mm/F4 is available for pre-order. Nasim Mansurov looks at the MTF charts and sees good things. Nikon Rumors has sample images.

Rumor is the Nikon D5200 will soon replace the D5100.

There’s a V2 version of the Nikon V1 MILC/EVIL camera. Better ergos and has a built-in flash. There’s a new hotshoe flash that bounces, which is good, but if they had used a pin-compatible Nikon hotshoe to begin with there wouldn’t have been a wait.

Small Nikon mirrorless rant

My beef is that as a Nikon DSLR owner if I want a MILC/EVIL/mirrorless camera there’s no reason for me to automatically go Nikon. For one thing, Nikon’s mirrorless cameras aren’t that hot. DxOMark hasn’t tested the sensor in the Nikon V2, but last year’s V1 was disappointing. It wasn’t as good as my six year old D40 (which was half the price) and miles behind my two year old D7000. The D7000 costs more, but the D5100 has image quality just as good as the D7000 and costs less than the V1.

DxOMark Table

The user interface on Nikon’s mirrorless cameras is enough different than Nikon’s DSLRs that I’ll have to learn a new system anyway. Because the hotshoe is incompatible none of my flashes will work and I won’t have the flash trigger options I’d have with Nikon’s DLSRs. I’m not even sure you can get a flash sync cable.

My lenses will work, albeit with a $200 adapter. The point of these little guys is to go small, so if I’m using big lenses I might as well use my big DSLR body. I guess if you’re using both systems it’s helpful to occasionally be able to share lenses, but I can’t personally afford to keep big and little DSLRs systems with their own flashes and lenses. Just keeping one DSLR system up to date is expensive.

If I were going mirrorless I’d go to Sansmirror and DxOMark, read the reviews, and then sell off my DSLR gear to fund the purchase. The Sony NEX-7 has the sensor performance and gets great reviews. On the other hand with Micro Four Thirds you can buy lenses that will work across different brands of cameras and I think it’s less likely to wind up as a dead end product. M4/3 is also quite a bit cheaper. Tough choice. But I don’t see me leaving DSLRs anytime soon.

DxOMark Table

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