Ridiculous Things About “Sons of Anarchy” #1

I like Sons of Anarchy, but there are some things that have always bugged me about, so I’m going to blog about them now and then.

Ridiculous Things About “Sons of Anarchy” #1 – People kill each other’s friends and family and then make up and forget about it

On Sons of Anarchy people get killed, then everyone gets amnesia about the murders like it’s Gilligan’s Island.

SAMCRO is always at war with the white supremacist Nords, or the black Niners, or the Mexican Mayans, or some IRA faction. And sure, some red shirts on both sides get killed, but before you know it, they’re all back together to trade guns or drugs or whatever like they’re playing model U.N. and none of that murderin’ ever happened.

What’s even weirder is when they have ammurdernesia inside the club.

TIG: Opie, Clay and I murdered your wife.
OPIE: Tig, I’m going to avenge my wife’s death by punching you in the face and acting moody for a few episodes.
two seasons later
CHIEF UNSER: Opie, Clay murdered your father.
OPIE: I’m startin’ to get a little pissed here.

3 Responses to Ridiculous Things About “Sons of Anarchy” #1

  1. Chris Byrne says:

    Well… actually, the whole point of the first few episodes of this season, and the last couple of the last season, just just how much Opie is NOT OK with this.

    …and anything else I say would be a gigantic spoiler.

  2. Les Jones says:

    Seen ’em.

    Opie gets pissed, goes off, then backs off.

    I mean, WTF? He’s an outlaw biker. Clay killed his wife and dad. I don’t think he’d be cooling his heals no matter how many times Jax Teller said “Easy, bro. You gotta get past this for the good of the club.”

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