Nikon 70-200mm/F4

For my Nikon fellow travelers, our factory is about to crank out an F4 version of the 70-200mm, which is something folks have been whining about for a while. As in, “Canon users have one. Why can’t weeee???”

The current, second-generation F/2.8 version costs a have mercy $2,400. There’s a joke that lenses cost somewhere between the cost of a good lunch and the cost of a used car. The F/2.8 is on the used car end. Wild-assed guesses on the prices of the F4 version range between $1,000 and $1,600, which is still a used car, but with bad AC busted shocks.

I’ve got the first-generation F/2.8, which I bought used on Craigslist from a wedding photog who was retiring. I paid less for it than I expect the F/4 will sell for new. It’s a downright amazing lens. The picture of Natalie I use as the background of my blog was shot with that lens. Occasionally I entertain the idea of selling it, but so far I’ve never come across another lens I’d rather have in its place.

I must say, though, that due to its size, weight and replacement cost I don’t take the F/2.8 out as often as I might. A smaller, lighter, less expensive F4 lens definitely has its place. If I didn’t have the F/2.8 I’d be mighty interested in this new lens.

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