Asheville Hippies vs. Broad Ripple Hippies. Asheville Hippies Represent.

Took the family to Biltmore House for Father’s Day. Our friend Terri suggested Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company on Merrimon, which is a movie house and brewery that’s kid friendly with games for the little ones. The waitress saved the day when Katie had a fit because her quesadilla wasn’t what she was used to and replaced it with a grilled cheese. The pizza was good and I liked their ESB.

And hippies? They got ’em. Hippies that’ll give Tam’s Broad Ripple hippies a run for their money.

This is your high MPG hippie. If his SmartCar for 2 breaks down he doesn’t want to call a cab and risk getting a non-hybrid taxi, so he carries a 10 speed as a backup. He’s flying the Apple logo on the side and an Obama-Biden 2012 sticker on the back, yo.

3 Responses to Asheville Hippies vs. Broad Ripple Hippies. Asheville Hippies Represent.

  1. Tam says:

    …and his tires and grip tape match the paint job on the frame, which is just too twee for words. 😀

  2. Sean says:

    When I go down to Portland, I’m corporatist bigot (because I’m employed and attend church regularly).

    When I visit family out in North Carolina, I’m a hippie (because I compost kitchen scraps for my garden, brew my own beer, and ride a bike or bus to work).

    Friends in California think I’m a domestic terrorist (because I hand load ammunition, and own guns with 30 round assault death clips.)

  3. JC says:

    Sure it’s not a fixie?