This is Your Train on Drugs: CA Train Versus Endangered Species, Asthmatic Children

LA TimesEnvironmental objections in path of bullet train:

The California bullet train is promoted as an important environmental investment for the future, but over the next decade the heavy construction project would potentially harm air quality, aquatic life and endangered species across the Central Valley.

Eleven endangered species, including the San Joaquin kit fox, would be affected, according to federal biologists. Massive emissions from diesel-powered heavy equipment could foul the already filthy air. Dozens of rivers, canals and wetlands fed from the rugged peaks of the Sierra Nevada would be crossed, creating other knotty issues.

Where the train’s path isn’t wrecking the environment it will wreck homes and businesses. Those properties will have to be bought after contentious, expensive lawsuits. The expense and destruction involved in putting in new rain lines is one of the reasons for the saying “buses good, trains bad.” Buses can use the same existing streets as cars without disrupting the environment, homeowners, or businesses. But buses aren’t glamorous and there isn’t a Big Bus industry to grease the palms of elected officials, which is how things get done.

And besides all that, the train would also be a massive, over-budget, 100 billion dollar boondoggle in a state that’s quickly going bankrupt.

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