Review – Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Flashlight

Streamlight Stylus Pro

This is second review of a stylus-type light. See yesterday’s review of the 4Sevens Preon 2.

Streamlight Stylus Pro Specs

The package includes an extra rubber cover for the tailcap switch in case the original gets worn. I put mine in the bottom of the holster so I wouldn’t lose it.

There are multiple colors to choose from, including flat black, blue, lime green, red, and orange. I prefer continuous materials to coatings, so I went with silver, which is just a satin finish on the aluminum body. I figured the uncoated aluminum would show scratches the least and be the easiest to find in the dark.

The flashlight comes with a simple nylon belt holster. I had never carried a flashlight that way, so I strapped the Streamlight onto my belt for a few days so I could review the holster. Having a flashlight holster hanging down off my belt made me feel like a big nerdlinger, but the holster keeps the light nice and snug.


Since this is a thin, stylus-style light I mostly carried the Stylus Pro clipped in my back pocket, same as the 4Sevens Preon. The Stylus Pro carried much better in a back pocket than the Preon. The Streamlight’s stiffer switch didn’t accidentally activate the way the 4Seven’s switch did, so I never buttflashed anyone.

The Streamlight’s stiffer clip also held it in place more securely than the Preon. The clip is removable. You can reverse it and move it to the other end of the flashlight for bezel-up carry, or attach it anywhere in the middle of the light. That means I can use my favorite trick: clipping the flashlight to my ballcap when I need a hands-free light.


This won’t take long. Push the tailcap switch the light comes on. Push it again the light goes off. Partially press the switch for momentary on. That’s it. No power levels, strobe, or Pink Floyd laser light show.

Compared to the Preon you lose features, but you gain simplicity. Tough call. If I still did a lot of backpacking those emergency features would be tempting. In day to day use I like simple flashlights and never use the fancy features beyond multiple brightness levels.

4Sevens Preon 2 or Streamlight Stylus Pro?

At full power the Preon 2 has three times the lumens, which will be the deciding factor for a lot of people. You can go from a battery-saving low that’s dim enough for reading to a high that’s bright enough to scan the far reaches of a backwoods trail. If I was still doing a lot of backpacking I’d get the Preon 2 for the output and emergency features. If you’re a connoisseur of quality machining the 4Sevens is the better built of the two.

The Stylus Pro carries better in a back pocket by virtue of a tighter clip and stiffer tailcap switch that’s less likely to come on and drain your batteries. The simpler interface is a better fit for how I personally use a flashlight on a daily basis. The fact that it costs half as much makes it attractive for someone like me who tends to frequently misplace his EDC flashlight. Speaking of which…

How did back pocket carry work?

I’ve always carried a flashlight in my front pocket. I wanted to free up space there, so carrying a thin, stylus-style light clipped to my back pocket sounded pretty good. Comfort-wise, I had no complaints. Clipped to the outside edge of the pocket I never noticed the light when sitting in a computer chair, car seat, or on the couch.

Security of the lights in a back pocket is the Achilles heel. The lights sometimes came unclipped from the pocket. They would fall into the pocket or sometimes out of the pocket and I’d find them in my car seat or chair. I gradually learned to bend the clip in to tighten it. I misplaced the Preon 2 and still haven’t found it. I won’t say lost, because I’ve never permanently lost an EDC light, thought my record for misplacing one is nine months. For back pocket carry I’d definitely choose the Stylus Pro, which went rogue much less often than the Preon 2.

2 Responses to Review – Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Flashlight

  1. Laughingdog says:

    I work at a shipyard, and have to have a flashlight any time I’m on-board anything in case of power loss. I bought one of these, and then bought 2 more not long after. I own brighter flashlights. But this is the one I always have on me because it’s so slim. I’ve even used in in IDPA stages, and it did the job just fine.

  2. Brick says:

    No revelations here… just my 2 cents…

    I’ve got the Streamlight. I don’t always have it on me, but I keep it in my laptop bag in the same loops as the pens. That’s what makes the form factor so appealing to me. I’ve wished the Streamlight was brighter on a couple of occasions, so I’ve considered the Preon.

    Thanks for the reviews.