Tech-sights on the Ruger 10/22

Recent 10/22s are drilled and tapped for scope mounts and the rear part of the Tech-Sight uses those holes in the receiver. Just remove the protective screws from the receiver, put a little Loc-tite on the new screws, and screw the rear sight in place.

To install the new front sight tap out the old one. The instructions say to use a brass punch and hammer. I don’t own a brass punch, so I used a steel punch I had handy and covered it with two small pieces of duct tape to keep from scratching up the old sight. A half dozen taps pushed out the factory front sight.

The new front sight didn’t want to go in. I used a file to lightly file down the leading edge of the new sight using about as much pressure as you’d use to file your nails. One stroke didn’t do it – it still wouldn’t quite go in. After the second stroke of the file I was able to get the front sight into the dovetail. I only took a tiny, tiny amount of material off to make it fit. After the front sight was in I used the supplied set screw and hex head wrench to screw it into place so it wouldn’t come loose.

The factory 10/22 rear sight is located on the barrel. The Tech-Sight rear ditto is on the very rear of the receiver. That adds about eight inches to the sight radius, which helps a bit with accuracy.

4 Responses to Tech-sights on the Ruger 10/22

  1. Mike S says:

    You’ll just want to keep the barrel consistently tight, since it can point in a different direction than the receiver.

  2. Sean says:

    Whoa – small world. I ordered a TSR100 last week, should arrive tomorrow.

    I’ve been running a 1 1/4″ USGI web sling for a while, so now I’ll have a real Liberty Training Rifle after I installed the TSR100.

  3. Sean says:

    follow up – got them in the mail last night and installed. I caused some minor marring on the original front sight, even using the duct tape + steel punch idea. $4 part that still works and is only sorta ugly.

    I also had some trouble fitting the new front sight in. I gave a quick swipe with sandpaper, and a drop of bicycle chain oil on the dove tail faces. It took a little finesse with light taps, but I got it started.

  4. Bruce S. says:

    Is there an Appleseed in your future? I have been hoping that E. TN. would have another so’s I could visit friends and do Appleseed at the same time.