The State of Florida’s Lousy Case Against George Zimmerman

Tom Maguire – The George Zimmerman Bail Hearing

It’s hard to pick the lowest of the low, but the darker moments for the prosecution included:

– The admission by co-lead investigator that he had not personally interviewed George Zimmerman;

– the admission that he had not requested Zimmerman’s medical records from the hospital;

– the admission that the state has no evidence to contradict Zimmerman’s claim that, following the advice of the police dispatcher, he headed back to his car;

– the admission that the state has no evidence to contradict Zimmerman’s claim that Martin assaulted first.

– ┬áthe admission that the investigtors have not been “given any insight” by the voice experts at the Orlando Sentinel and the FBI who attempted to identify the screams on the 911 tape (My ‘told you so‘ moment).

Jeralyn Merritt at Lean Left also thinks the prosecutor did a terrible job and doesn’t see how they can convict Zimmerman.

No one is entitled to respond to being followed or verbally confronted with physical force. No matter how much of a saint Martin was before that, if he threw that first punch, I think Zimmerman’s only burden is to show some evidence, not a lot, that as a result of the force used against him, he was reasonably in fear of serious bodily injury or death.

Even if he is saddled with the extra burden of showing he couldn’t get away (which in my view he shouldn’t be), his medical records showing a broken nose (which O’Mara offered to produce today) and the photographic evidence of his head injuries taken three minutes after the shooting, should easily suffice to meet it.

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