5 Most Wanted Guns

Robb Allen posted his 5 most wanted guns, practicality be damned. I’ll play.

1. Glock 18C – The full auto, compensated Glock. I’ve shot a Glock 18C. I liked it. Heck, I’ve already got a couple of Glock 31 round magazines I can use with it.

2. Full Auto Thompson – With the option to use the 50 round drum mags so the fun lasts longer.

3. The .45 ACP Luger AKA the Million Dollar Luger –  Lugers are cool all by themselves. There’s only one surviving sample of the .45 ACP Lugers that were submitted for testing to the US military for the .45 ACP pistol trials that resulted in the selection of John Browning’s 1911 design.

4. Stery AUG – Wait a minute. I want one of these? I didn’t even realize that. But if it doesn’t have to be practical and I’m not paying for it I have to admit I’ve always thought these were cool.

5. A-10 Warthog – I’ve heard it said that the A-10 is a Gatling Gun with an airplane built around it, so I figure it counts.

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2 Responses to 5 Most Wanted Guns

  1. Robb Allen says:

    Bonus points for the Warthog.

    Because yes, someone built a gun and said “This is an awesome gun. We should strap a plane to it.”

  2. Rick Saxby says:

    Nice choices. I didn’t know that there was a .45 luger! That would be pretty cool to have. The Glock 18 is something I’ve yet to see in real life but would love to have one. The Thompson, again I want one but only if its full auto. Great list.