She Wants to be the Girl with the Most Restraining Orders

Frances Bean Cobain: Courtney Love is an Anorexic, Chain-Smoking, Pill-Popping Pet Killer! – The Hollywood Gossip.

Courtney Love is described as mentally unstable in newly released deposition papers filed by her daughter Frances Bean Cobain, who sought a restraining order in 2009.

Frances Bean, now 19, says Love’s behavior even caused her pets’ death. Their cat kicked it after getting entangled in Love’s messy piles of “Etsy fabrics, boxes of paperwork, trash and other possessions,” according to the court papers, while the dog swallowed several of Love’s stash of prescription pills.

No surprise with Love’s tabloid lifestyle the past decade. I’m just glad Frances Bean has sense enough to get away from her mother. Hat tip to the missus.

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