Speaking of Refrigerator Doors

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Submission Guidelines For Our Refrigerator Door.

Special Note Regarding Robot Monkeys

We are no longer accepting robot-monkey-themed work, be they drawings, stories, or whatever. We’ve had it up to here with robot monkeys. Yes, robot monkeys are “funny” and “cool” and they make “amazing” beeping sounds, but enough is enough with the robot monkeys. Robot monkeys are so last July. And no saying that something is a tree and then later telling us it’s a robot monkey. That will lead to immediate removal from our refrigerator door, and no amount of crying and spinning wildly on the floor will make us put it back up.

Three Questions You Must Ask Yourself
Before Submitting Your Work

  • Have I spelled my name correctly on my submission?
  • Is my submission robot-monkey-free?
  • Does my submission seek to make a difference in people’s lives?

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