Light Painting with WiFi Signals, Programmable LEDs

Immaterials: Light painting WiFi (OR, Because Norwegian Winters are Long and People Get Bored and Do Cool Stuff):

In order to study the spatial and material qualities of wireless networks, we built a WiFi measuring rod that visualises WiFi signal strength as a bar of lights. When moved through space the rod displays changes in the WiFi signal. Long-exposure photographs of the moving rod reveal cross sections of a network’s signal strength.

Wave this Programmable “Light Saber” to Light Paint Words and Images:

Gavin of Sydney, Australia created an awesome 2-meter long programmable staff that makes painting giant words and images as easy as waving/walking the staff around during a long-exposure photograph. The staff, which he call the LightScythe (we would have called it the “Lightsaber”), was inspired by the Wi-Fi light painting project we shared here earlier this year.

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