Gunrunner / Gunwalker News

‘Gunrunner’ Whistleblower Vince Cefalu Speaks (PJM Exclusive):

Of course it violates the law! They conspired to traffic firearms, you canÂ’t do that under color of law. Â… There was no intent to follow the guns, this never had a chance of succeeding. It was a failed plan from the beginning.

Another ATF gun used in a murder:

CBS News has confirmed that ATF Fast and Furious ”walked” guns have been linked to the terrorist torture and murder of the brother of a Mexican state attorney general last fall.

Two AK-47 variant rifles were found at the scene of a shoot-out with the murder suspects. Sources say the weapons were part of the controversial ATF program in which agents allowed thousands of guns to fall into the hands of suspects trafficking for MexicoÂ’s drug cartels.

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