ATF Gunwalker Scandal

A roundup of news at Traction Control.

MORE ON THAT ATF GUN-SMUGGLING DEBACLE: Mega-Scandal: Was ‘Gunwalker’ a PR Op for Gun Control? “Buckle up: An agent testifies that surveillance stopped at the border, meaning the operation didn’t actually trace guns to cartels to make arrests. The only conclusion? Law enforcement wasn’t the point, orchestrated violence was, and that’s a history-making scandal. . . . At the same time they were damning gun dealers in public, the administration was secretly forcing them to provide weapons to the cartels, by the armful and without oversight.”

Well, people are calling it worse than Iran-Contra. Also, Michael Walsh bears down on this scandal in the Post. “Fast and Furious was supposed to prove the theory. That is, the administration ‘knew’ who the bad guys were — legitimate gun dealers in the Southwest — and set out to make them the heavies in a phony sting operation.”

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