Picture: Closeup of Bumblee on Purple Coneflower

Bumblebee on Purple Coneflower

Bumblebee on Purple Coneflower with Antique LightBumblebee on Purple Coneflower with Infrared EffectBumblebee on Purple Coneflower with Sepia ToneBumblebee on Purple Coneflower with Yesteryear EffectBumblebee on Purple Coneflower with Greens and Yellows DesaturaedBumblebee on Purple Coneflower with Everything Desaturated Except Orange and Yellow

Photography Notes

  • The first four variations are done with Adobe Lightroom presets. The last two are manual color desaturations. Click to enlarge, or mouseover for notes.
  • Pics taken at F16 to get enough depth of field.
  • There was enough light that I could handhold at 1/500sec. VR in the lens helped.
  • I don’t have a macro lens. I used the Canon 550D closeup adapter on a Nikon 70-200mm lens. For some reason that combo never worked on the D40, but it works fine on the D7000.
  • I used the Adobe Lightroom saturation remote control that I learned about last week. Go to the HSL panel, click the remote, then put your mouse over the color you want to effect. Use the up and down arrow keys to adjust. The advantage of the remote thingie is that it can detect multiple colors – purple and magenta in the case of the purple flower petals – and adjust both as needed.
  • I really like the vignette on this photo. Here it is without vignette for comparison.

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