Back from the Beach / DSLR Video and Audio

Crab in a Conchsell, Panama City Beach

The Jones family was at Panama City Beach this past week for vacation. This post might have been a hint. We’re back now. We brought back a pound of sand and that was just in one pair of shorts.

For pics, visit our Panama City Beach Photo Album on Facebook. I promise that most of them don’t suck.

Dusty's Oyster Bar, Panama City Beach

DSLR Video

I took a few videos using the Nikon D7000’s video feature. Here’s my favorite one for video quality and content:

Hermit Crabs and Scallops:

My first two digital cameras were point and shoots that had video. Then four years ago I bought my first DSLR. Back then DSLRs didn’t have video, because they just didn’t.

Now that I’ve shot a few videos I realize how much I missed video. Being able to capture moments with my kids is pretty awesome in and of itself. Good video quality is a bonus.

DSLR Audio

Audio quality using the built-in mic is shaky and I wound up with lots of wind noise. The next thing I buy will be a boom mic with a windscreen.

The new Nikon ME-1 is one obvious choice. I like everything about it except that it can only draw power from the flash hotshoe. That limits mic positioning and means that you can’t use a hotshoe flash when switching between video and still photos without swapping the flash and mic. Combined with Nikon’s GPS they’re starting to have accessories fighting for the hotshoe. C’mon, Nikon – add space for a AA battery and avoid that whole problem.

One question I’ve got on the ME-1: can you point it backwards? You’ll want to do that for making tabletop videos with the lens pointed forward and the mic pointing back at the narrator behind the camera.

Another obvious choice is the shockmounted Rode VideoMic. It’s battery-powered, but can be attached to the hotshoe for convenience. I’ve used it at work and the audio is good. The build quality is a little cheap, though, and there are lots of reviews that mention damage during travel.

Katie and Natalie at Panama City Beach:

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  1. Dan Martin says:

    The image quality in the video is great, I am really impressed with the quality considering the primary intended purpose is still photos.