Mass. voters don’t like Romneycare

Boston HeraldRomneycare a big bust:

Think about how powerful Romneycare has been. In 2008 – when Obama was running for president and Ted Kennedy was towering over the Senate – nearly 70 percent of Massachusetts voters supported the plan. A mere 22 percent of right-wing holdouts opposed it.

After all, this is Massachusetts, where universal health care is a political mantra, like “collective bargaining rights” or “indicted House member.”

But after five years of actually experiencing this new universe, even the Kennedy Democrats have had enough. A new Suffolk University poll showed that nearly half of Massachusetts voters say the law isn’t helping, while just 38 percent say it is. As Michael Cannon at the Cato Institute pointed out, Romneycare is almost as unpopular here as Obama- care is across America.

Other than executive-style hair, what exactly is Mitt Romney bringing to the presidential race?

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