Leslie Janous nee Gibbs, The Worst Person in Knoxville.

Knoxville News-SentinelMom who threw pricey ‘Super Sweet 15’ party indicted in fraud:

If Leslie Anne Janous wanted to throw a birthday party for her teenage daughter, the cost of which could feed a third-world country, who cares? It’s her money to waste, right?

Or was it?

The over-the-top birthday party Janous put on for her then-15-year-old daughter in 2006 may serve as Exhibit A for federal prosecutors as they mount a $4.5 million embezzlement case against the former bookkeeper for a West Knoxville brokerage firm.

In 2006 Leslie Gibbs (now married and going by Leslie Janous) threw a tacky, over-the-top extravaganza for her daughter’s 15th birthday. The plan was to star on the MTV show “My Super Sweet 16.” The finale of the six figure party was a $45,000 BMW for a teenager who was just getting her learner’s permit. Janous also used the occasion to model some bad behavior for the teens, providing non-alcoholic shooters and hiring high school boys to give the girls clothed lap dances.

I’m thinking she isn’t going to win Mother of the Year is where I’m going with this.

Since then Janous has been in the papers for helping little darling organize a student protest at Farragut High School. You know what she was protesting? A competition between the freshman and senior classes to see who could collect the most canned goods for the poor. The winning class would have gotten the right to park in the senior parking lot. Janous’s daughter was a senior, and Janous didn’t want poor little punkin to have to walk very far from her Beemer Weemer.

“Screw you, poor people! Nobody puts baby’s BMW in the corner. If you want some food do what I did and get a job. Then steal from your employer.”

Humanitarian of the Year is also right out.

Commenters at Knoxnews dug up this bit from 2002 that somehow didn’t surface before:

King testified he fired Gibbs in June of 2002 and brought criminal charges against her for embezzling $38,800 in funds from Elite. King discovered this alleged embezzlement at Elite approximately one year after the Company closed. King testified that he had no direct knowledge of Gibbs’ embezzling from the Company. The Special Master noted that King did not state whether any charges had been brought against Gibbs relative to the missing funds belonging to the Company.

So, no, she won’t be getting Employee of the Year, either.

LATER: Here’s a 2006 Knoxviews post about the birthday party – Worst. Mother. Ever. It’s interesting to revisit local reaction in the comments. And it turns out that people were already noticing the 2002 embezzlement story.

7 Responses to Leslie Janous nee Gibbs, The Worst Person in Knoxville.

  1. Rustmeister says:

    Stupid lady, Freshmen aren’t old enough to drive.

  2. As a former neighbor, I can honestly say that anything that she gets in the way of penalty, she deserves. The B word is a bit mild in describing Leslie.

  3. DENNY HENSLEY says:

    I was this lovely lady’s next door neighbor for the time she lived in Amberwood sub division and she can never get all thats comming to her.

  4. Daisy Watts says:

    What on earth!!! Where is the love in this? Brings to mind the saying people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!! People make mistakes errors in judgment etc all the time, that doesn’t make them the worst person anywhere!! what happened to let not a rotten saying come out of your mouth? Where is the good in all of this? What kind of people would stoop so low as to kick someone in the teeth when they are down. Yes Leslie did something bad she knows it and she will be paying for it. Embezzlement is a long way from murder, child abuse, rape, and many other crimes that far out way hers. She is a real person who got caught up in something really stupid. That doesn’t make her evil. I think people need to stop and think about what they say and print. Shame on all of you for being mean and hateful! Who really is the evil one here? My thoughts and prayers go out to Leslie and her family. We pray for forgiveness, strength and guidance in getting their lives back on track. We also pray for all those hate mongers out there that they are forgiven also.

  5. Bette Osbourne says:

    Ms. Watts —Interesting that you should post a comment today (April 20, 2011). The news has just reported that Ms. Janous has fled the area, just prior to her sentencing hearing. So obviously she’d rather not pay for what she did.

    Looks like not only is she a thief, but also a coward.

  6. Denny H says:

    Did not ask for or need your forgiveness. Evil, hate monger, maybe but this is not a nice person. This was her second offense. I am glad she really felt bad enough over the first time not to do it again. LOLOLOL Now she is on the run. Wonder where she got the money for that. Hidden away somewhere I suspect. Her time will come but most likely someone like yourself will forgive this piece of work and let her out so she can steal and sucker someone new out of their money. Fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me, and some people are just fools. Hope I didn’t offend your sensitive side Ms. Watts

  7. Les Jones says:

    “Where is the love in this? Brings to mind the saying people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!”

    I haven’t embezzled millions of dollars or any other amount from anyone, so the analogy doesn’t apply. And after embezzling the millions of dollars I didn’t embezzle I didn’t invite the media to tell everyone about the glamor of my embezzled millions (that I didn’t embezzle).

    “People make mistakes errors in judgment etc all the time, that doesn’t make them the worst person anywhere!!”

    The “worst person in Knoxville part was hyperbole, but she sure is a pretty lousy person. An embezzler who brags about the riches she embezzled and who once convicted skips on bail.