Cell Phone Cameras Coming of Age


Gizmodo395 Photos That Prove Cellphones Make Great Cameras.

Great examples of what you can do with cell phone cameras these days. It also highlights some of the new software that’s making cell phone cameras more useful, with apps like Best Camera App, Hipstamatic and AutoStitch Panorama for the iPhone, FxCamera for Android or Photoshop Mobile for both.

My wife has a Motorola Droid. I’m shocked by the quality of pictures her cell phone can produce. The pictures look as good as the Canon SD400 I bought back in 2002. Here’s a pic of our daughter from the Droid:

Motorola Android Picture

As with pics from a full-sized camera, cell phone pics benefit from a little cleanup. I ran that pic through Picasa’s Auto Contrast, Saturation and Sharpen functions, which are one-click fixes. I didn’t even have the original photo to work with – I downloaded that pic from Facebook, which tends to degrade any pictures you upload.

Even when the quality isn’t as good as a regular camera, a cell phone camera has two advantages over a traditional digital camera. One, it’s always with you. Two, it’s connected to the Internet, so you can email the photos or post them to social media sites like Facebook and Flickr. For those reasons cell phones are overtaking point and shoots for simple snapshots.

Pro photographer Chase Jarvis has made a reputation by making pictures with his iPhone that most people couldn’t make with a megabuck camera. At least one publisher liked Jarvis’s iPhone photos enough to publish a book of them.


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