Happy 4th Birthday, Natalie

Natalie at Gulf World, Panama City Beach

Natalie, here are a few things about you at this age for you to remember.

Some of the Cutest Things You Say

“Come sit next by me.”

“Mommy, I tired. Let’s go back to the hope and tell.”

“I never had one. Can I have it? Pleee-ease? It’s my favorite.”

“Daddy, I maded you a Valentime.”

Natalie at Panama City Beach

You love animals, especially our cat Felix. You carry him around and cover him up with blankets like a baby. You’ve even gotten Milo the cat used to being carried around, which I never thought would happen. All of our pets are growing to love you more and more.

You’re a very healthy eater. You’ll eat sliced tomatoes and pickles and olives and lots of things most kids your age won’t eat.

You can count to 100 with a little help. You like counting to eight instead of 10. When we play Hide and Seek you always want to count to eight.

You’re going to be a very good athlete when you grow up. You and Katie have taken swimming lessons and ballet lessons. Last weekend you two were in a recital at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium.

Katie and Natalie at St. Andrews Beach

Your Favorite Games

Except for Eye Spy, we invented all of them, so I’ll tell you how we play them so you can remember.

  • Eye Spy – You love playing Eye Spy anytime, anywhere,
  • Monster – I’m the monster chasing you and your sister. You want to play Monster every night.
  • Shark Attack – The swimming pool version of Monster. I yell “shark attack” and swim underwater with my hand sticking out of the water like a shark fin. We started playing this on the Panama City trip.
  • Spider – Katie invented this when she was like 3 years old. You and she get under the covers. Mommy and I say “there’s no spider in my bed” and you pretend to be a spider biting us.
  • Sink – Katie invented this, too. I put my legs on the ottoman, cover my legs with a big blanket, and you stand on the blanket until you sink down. Then I cover you up and say “Where’s Natalie? I don’t see her.”
  • Rumfah – I hold you above my shoulders, say “Rumfah!”, push you up into the air, and catch you on the way down. You and Katie also like for me to swing you back and forth by your arms, to carry you upside down through the house, and to throw you on the bed (1-2-3).

Natalie and Katie, St. Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach

Mom and dad love you, kiddo.

3 Responses to Happy 4th Birthday, Natalie

  1. Angie Clement says:

    That inspires me to try and remember all the things my wonderful sons say. Happy Birthday Natalie!!!!

  2. Natalie’s taller than her big sister, too, it seems.
    .-= theirritablearchitect´s last blog ..I’ll take, "Do it again, Only Harder," for $1000 =-.

  3. Les Jones says:

    My wife and I noticed that. It’s a little bit of an optical illusion, but just a little bit. She’s almost as tall as her older sister.