“Overpriced HDMI Cables”

Adrian sent me this:

Budget Planner – Mint.com

P.S. Normally I wouldn’t gank that much of an article, but Mint.com had an embed code to encourage mass ganking.

Previously6 Foot HDMI Cable for $2.95

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  2. Paul Wirtz says:

    Try http://www.monoprice.com/home/index.asp
    for all kinds of cables

    I’m just a happy customer.
    .-= Paul Wirtz´s last blog ..What could go wrong? =-.

  3. Mark Huss says:

    The fancy stuff does indeed improve HDMI Cables. The gold connectors fight corrosion. After a few years, corrosion could cause the cable to stop working. So is worth it if the cable is located in an area hard to reach (such as an unmanned station at the South Pole) or where you have to maintain hundreds of such cables. Same applies to Gas treatment. Shielding from RF or EMI is priceless in areas where you are operating in a high RF Environment, such as a few hundred feet from a commercial broadcast antenna. Other criteria such as physical construction serve to allow the digital signals to degrade less over distance. For example, there may be enough degradation of signal over 50 feet with a cheap cable to the point it will be noticeable, whereas a better cable could be run 100 feet without noticeable effect.
    Of course, if you are hooking up your TV to your Home Entertainment system in your living room with a 25 foot cable or shorter, well, digital is preferred because it is effectively lossless and very resistant to noise. Your money would be better spent on cables that glow like Christmas lights 😉

  4. Les Jones says:

    I like gold connectors, and to be honest I don’t think they add much to the price. Even the cheap HDMI I bought at Monoprice.com has gold-plated connectors and it was like nine bucks.

  5. Home Theater Person says:

    Obviously written by someone who hasn’t hooked up a “Proper” Home Theater of HiFi system before. Quality of build is where the price lies i’ve experienced alot of Cheap HDMi cables that have snaped/cracked/split and all kinds of fallen apart where as my $150 Audioquest cable i bought not only looks the part but is built like a tank. A Honda civic is a car. It will drive you. A Ferrari is ALSO a car that serves the same purpose but for 1000 times the price. Its ALL about quality.

  6. Pro_2A says:

    +1 on the monoprice site

    I’ve purchased from there & they are great.

  7. Mark Huss says:

    ‘ Home Theater Person
    April 22, 2010

    Obviously written by someone who hasn’t hooked up a “Proper” Home Theater of HiFi system before. ‘

    True, if the cables are going to be mounted inside a wall, or the cable is going to be moved around much. But not if the cables are easy to reach, and not moved. For example, i can buy three $2.50 cables and reject two of them for much less than one high-quality $50 cable.
    It is like the expensive analog Audio Speaker Cables. A friend brought fancy $200 cables for his 300watt system. We took them into the lab to test just how good they were, as opposed to standard 12 AWG Zip-cord and ROMEX. Under 40 kHz, there was less than 5 degrees of phase shift, no power loss, and the speaker impedance shift swamped even that bit of difference. A blind listening test proved the ROMEX was the best sounding, to his chagrin. Poor guy was not a happy camper!

  8. pdb says:

    “my $150 Audioquest cable i bought”

    You are a complete and utter sucker.