Single shot .22 LR pistols

Someone on The High Road asked about a single shot .22 LR pistol as a trainer for his granddaughter.

Accessing the old memory banks I recalled the Savage 101, a Colt Peacemaker look-alike with a unique single shot cylinder:

Savage 101 single shot .22 LR revolver

and the Stevens single shot target pistol

Stevens single shot .22 LR pistol

The first one can be had cheap. The second one can get a little pricey.

One Response to Single shot .22 LR pistols

  1. Bill S. says:

    I have a stevens single shot 22 cal pistol such as the second one shown only mine is blued steel and have been told that it was made in 1890,Its in mint condition ,no Idea of what its worth though,sure would like to know